Web check in rules for carrying liquor in Indigo flights?

Liquor is one commodity about whose carriage in flight, the passengers are not sure. They ask many questions? Whether it will be allowed or not? Will it be allowed in cabin luggage or in check-in baggage? Will i be able to carry it if I am doing Indigo web check in ? How much quantity can i take along with me in domestic or international flights of Indigo? How shall i pack it so that there is no issue in the flight?

web check in liquor allownaceWe will provide answers to all these questions here. And, if you have any queries, you can surely ask us here on this platform. Let us first be clear that each adult passenger is allowed to carry up to 5 liters of liquor (be in wine, beer, whisky or other) in the check in baggage. Airline will not charge you any extra sum for its carriage if it is within the permitted check in baggage allowance by weight. Thus, domestic flights are allowed 15 kg free check in allowance per person and it can be carried in the flight.

Liquor can not be carried in the cabin baggage. This is strictly prohibited. Even if you have bought it from the duty-free shop at the airport, you would not be allowed to carry it inside the cabin. Thus, international travelers are advised not to carry it in cabin luggage.

Another important point to note is that this shall be carried in sealed condition in check-in baggage. If the bottle is open, then it will not be allowed to be carried.

People who do Indigo web check in shall first check whether they will be allowed to carry their check-in bags. In other words, they shall first check whether the departure airport has the facility of drop-off counters at the airport for check in baggage or not. If there is no such facility, then web check in is of no meaning. Therefore, customers with liquor in check in baggage shall first ensure that there is a luggage drop-off counter at the airport.


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  1. I want to know that how to carry wine bottles from goa to mumbai by yout airlines & how many its allowed by u by per person.


  2. am travelling from kolkatta to trivandrum with my wife and a 7 yrs old son , how many bottels of liquor can i can take to my home town .

  3. Can sealed liquor bottles be packed in the bag with clothes and carried and kindly let me know the drop-off counter in Bangalore and Mumbai Airpots

  4. My flight is from dehradun to pune via Delhi…1 hour layover in delhi…can i purchase liquor from delhi airport and check in again

    • Since this would be a connecting flight, you might not get the baggage at Delhi. Please check with the airline to know whether re-check in would be required.

  5. By check-in luggage do you mean the luggage carried using the AirBus cargo deck and not the hand-baggage, right?

  6. Hello,
    Iam travelling by Indigo , will I be allowed to carry new bottles of Alcohol in check in baggage , if it is fully packed as new?

    Kindly confirm.

  7. How can one carry liquor in the bottle which has been partially used. Is it ok to carry in check in baggage if the opened bottle is sealed well?

  8. In IGIA, New Delhi, Terminal D there’s a liquor shop which goes by the name The CELLAR, which is located just before boarding gates, i.e after you’ve already checked in your baggage and gone through security check. How are you supposed to carry these bottles bought at this shop if not in hand-baggage?

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    I am travelling from Delhi to Jaipur, can i take 2 bottles of scotch with me, please advice..


  10. I am travelling from ranchi to kochi through a conection flight of indego and the same have an layover of 3hrs..so can i take liquor in my check in baggage?

  11. Can I take 5 ltrs of army rum with sealed condition in check in baggage in your flight from Hyderabad to Kochi? Please inform me.

  12. I have an unsealed but well packed bottle of whiskey which I want to carry with me in the check-in baggage from Delhi to Nagpur. Can I carry it? If sealed/unsealed is an issue, do you guys provide sealing packets/containers at the airport counters which I could use?

  13. I’m Travelling from Singapore-chennai,I ll purchase some liquor bottles(duty free) and the connecting fight is from chennai-Coimbatore but I don’t have any check-in baggage only my hand luggage…please tell me how could I be able to carry my bottles??

  14. My Friend is coming from Bahrain to Vadodara. He will reach at Mumbai on 10th Jan night and leaving to Vadodara on 11th early morning. Can my friend carry 2 Ltrs of Liquor Bottle purchased from Bahrain Duty Free Shop to Baroda. Please clarify??

  15. Hi

    I have bought two bottles from a Bangalore shop and I am flying to Kerala. What do you mean by “sealed”?

    i have not opened the bottle yet but it doesnt have any extra plastic cover around it.

  16. I have bought two litres of liquer from UK and my flight from UK is to Hyderabad. However I would be travelling to Cochin few days later from Hyderabad post my arrival from UK. Will I be able to carry these bottles to Cochin. I donot have bills for this.

  17. Hi,

    I am planning to board indigo flight from Katmandu to Trivandrum( after arriving from Kuwait ) with duty free liquor purchased which will be 5 days ago , If yes then how much qty is allowed.


  18. Is there any permitt or bill necessary to carry alcohol from goa and is there any restriction of taking only 2 bottles ..
    Will they open the baggage and check the bottole ? Iam going throw a connecting flight of indigo from goa to bhubaneswar via hydrabad .

  19. Hi. I m traveling from goa to hyderabad in fight this month. Can I carry how many whiskey bottle in check in baggage?

  20. I am going to kochi from kolkata.can I carry liquor in check in baggage?and how many bottles can be carried in checked in baggage?

  21. Can I carry 2 sealed bottles of liquors from Delhi to Srinagar? I read somewhere that for Srinagar you need to contact repsective airlines.

  22. Hi,

    I will be flying from Delhi to Chennai on 26 Jan by indigo flight and need to know that how many bottles of whisky can be allowed to carry???

  23. I am travling from goa to hyderabad how many whisky bottles can i carry with me and how much weight can i carry with me (in ticket it is showing 7kgs you can carry) can i get the exact limit please


  25. Dear sir I wish to carry one litre of wine from Mumbai to Goa. Can I take this in hand baggage.
    Pl suggest. Urgent

  26. I am travelling From to Goa to Hyderabad to 16th of Feb, 2 Adults and 2 Children How many Liters Whisky are allowed for 2 Adults and 2 Children Passengers please let me know the Total Number of Bottles and also mention is there any restriction from Goa.

    • Upto 5 litres of liquor allowed as a part of check in baggage per adult passenger. These have to be sealed and kept in properly packed condition.

  27. Me and sister going from Mumbai to kochin, what was the maximum amount of luggage and liquor we can carry in the flight???

    • Standard allowance is 15 kg in check in and 7 kg cabin. Upto 5 litres of liquor allowed in check in but it has to be sealed.

  28. Is Indore and Bangalore airport have airport facility of drop-off counters? We want to carry 5 sealed liquor bottles from Indore to Bangalore. We are more 2 passeangers

    • Bengaluru airport does have a drop-off counter facility. Not sure about Indore. PLease contact the local office for it.

  29. Hi, I am travelling to Trivandrum from bangalore, I have read comments that we can take upto 5 litres of alcohol per person in check in baggage. Can you please tell me the procedure to carry alcohol?

  30. Hi I am going to Indore from Bangalore, I am carrying 2 bottels of wiskey both are 1 liter, so while time of drop check in bag did i need to inform Indigo staff?

  31. I am travelling to chandigarh and banglore in two separate trips, my flight s are hand baggage only. Can i carry my grooming kit in hand baggage ? Which also contains my razor disposable, foaming shavegel bottle, deodrant and a perfume. Can i carry these item in hand baggage?

  32. Hi,

    I am travelling from pune to kolkata via chenai on 1st march 17 with my 2yr son, can i carry potty kid seater with hand baggage,becz i need it in cheenai airport.Pls confim asap

  33. I am travelling from goa to hyderabad.
    Only duty free alcohol is allowed in plane or can I carry alcohol that is purchased from out side the airport too?
    Do i need to produce any proofs for that

  34. Hi,
    Am going to travel Port billar(Andaman) to chennai.
    My question is
    1) How many liters of liquor i can carry in check-in bag?
    2) Am going to buy liquor from outside the airport. This means can i carry the liquors in check-in bag?

  35. Travelling from Goa to Bhubaneswar with layover at Hyderabad. How much liquor can be carried in check in baggage. Some posts say 5 ltr per person. Is this in accordance with goa excise laws,or general rules of the airlines?

  36. Hi,

    Is that possible that i can carry any Sort alcohol drinks in my check in baggage (i.e whiskey,vodka,beer)
    I will be traveling from goa to chennai..
    will they ask any bill or something during the security check.?

  37. Can i take 2 whisky bottles in cabin hand bag as i hav liquor permitt also for d same…. i wud be travelling fr goa to mumbai in indigo…. pls advice…

  38. We need to obtain any document, bill,chalan etc. from the seller before boarding to flight? Some one told me it is compulsory to obtain some chalan from shopkeeper.

    Plz confirm is it true?. I am going to Delhi from Goa and planning to carry some bottle s with me.

  39. Help me please am traveling from Goa to Bangalore i can carry 2 bottle of wine in hand bag… It is possible to carry by hand are i will put in luggage bag… please help me..

  40. Hi, I want to know how to carry a bottle of fenny from Mumbai to Kolkata Indigo flight?
    And can I carry sealed food packets (dry fruits) in my cabin luggage?

  41. I want to carry liquor from Goa to New Delhi in Indigo flights upto 5 liters. Can i carry ??

    One more question can i carry in hand baggage.

    Thanks in advance for your suggestion.

  42. Hey, I’m traveling with my wife from Guwahati to Hyderabad via Kolkatta. Can I carry 5-6 bottles of blenders pride.

  43. Can the luggage of 15kg of a individual who has his seat booked but not travelling be carried due to some reasons as his seat is not cancelled.

  44. I am going to travel from delhi to kerala by indigo flight. Can i buy liquor from shops outside delhi airport and carry with me? Or from where i can buy liquor to carry ?

  45. I want to know what ‘sealed condition’ means. Does it mean an unopened bottle or a bottle in its retail package? Because many brands of liquor don’t have an external hardback retail packaging.

  46. I have web checked in from pune to srinagar via Delhi on indigo ..i will have to change flight in Delhi.. .but not informed about carrying liquor bottle…is it ok ?? If not what should I do

  47. I am travelling from mumbai to delhi and carrying one bottle of wine. My flight allows only hand baggage and no check in baggage. Can i carry the bottle along? Is there any way out for this?

    • No, it wont be allowed in cabin. You will have to take in check in and for that you will have to pay rs 400 to have normal check in baggage allowance.

  48. Hi,
    By reading most of the comments by others, I’m still confused. Most of the airlines allows liquor brought at Duty free shop to be carried along with the hand baggage. (to say: Liquor brought at Duty free shop has no other option left, other than to carry along with hand baggage.). Thus Indigo Airlines doesn’t permit to buy liquor from duty free shops – Indirectly.
    Or is there any possibility left to purchase liquor from duty free shops by Indigo Passengers?
    Please clarify.

    • Due to past experiences of unruly behaviour by passengers, airlines in India do not allow liquor to be carried in cabin. In any case, liquids more than 100 ml are not allowed in cabin.

  49. Will i be able to take in personal grooming items which has compressed air or comtains alcohol in it like perfumes or shaving foam etc.

  50. Travelling from abroad to Mumbai(non indigo flight ) . Within the next 24hrs have a indigo flight to chennai . Will be carrying 2ltrs of duty free alcohol . Is it permitted ? And in Cabin luggage or check in baggage ?

  51. Am travelling from Bhubaneswar to Bangalore and have a sealed wine bottle. Can I put it in the check in baggage ? If yes is web check in mandatory ? Or do I need to tell the help desk lady/guy about the bottle in the bag first before getting the boarding pass. ?? Am travelling tonight in the evening flight. Thanks

    • Size and weight allowances for cabin and check baggage of Indigo flight shall be respected. If these are breached, the airline will charge for excess baggage.

      • Hi there,
        I am travelling from muscat to pune via Mumbai in same airline. and would like to know if I will be allowed to carry liquor from duty free in hand baggage?

  52. Can sealed liquor bottles be packed in the bag with clothes and carried and kindly let me know the drop-off counter in Bangalore and Chandigarh Airpots and Desi Ghee is allowed to take in the flight

    • These bottles can be packed with clothes but have to be in sealed condition. You shall also declare these beforehand. Drop off counter present in BLR but not in Chandigarh.

  53. i am going to Bangkok from kolkata.
    may i carry 2 ltr. bottle of Whiskey through my check in baggage or i need to drop it on my luggage.

  54. Hi,
    I am planning to travel from Bangalore to Cochin on next month.Beofre I book, just want to know whether I am allowed to carry liquor bottles(2 whiskey bottles) in the check in bags.
    Also since I am brought this bottle’s from outside India, do I need to show any bill or any other documents while travelling?

    Please help me…

    • Airline allows you up to 5 litres of liquor in sealed and packed condition in check in baggage. No other requirement. But, we can not say about other airport authorities.

  55. Hi there, I will be traveling from doha to Chennai
    via Mumbai, am I allowed to carry duty-free liquors sealed in cabin luggage till Mumbai? or any restrictions on international flights as well. thanks.

  56. Can I carry outside puchased whisky bottles in sealed condition in check in baggage while travelling from Raipur to Kolkata?

  57. Hi, Am travelling DXB-MUM June 2017 .. can i carry liquor in sealed & packed condition ?
    Hope rules havent changed since post is dated April 2016

  58. I am travelling to Trivandrum from Bangalore, I asked at the Indigo Counter at Airport about the limit to carry liqour. They told that I can carry Max of 2lt but not more that..Also I can’t carry beer. But here it is written I can Carry 5 lt..Can you please tell me how much I can carry since 2 Indigo people are contradicting.

  59. Can i carry half consumed bottles but sealed properly again with tape in checked in baggage from kolkata to Bangalore?

  60. I will be travelling from Singapore to Kochi and having the transit at Bangalore.
    Can i take 2L of liquor in Hand luggage from Singapore and convert it in to Checked in luggage from Bangalore?

    If not, thenhHow can i take it to Kochi?

    Sunik Gopakumar

  61. Hi
    I want to that is that possible to carry liquar from kolkata to chennai in the check in baggage.
    If yes then how should I pack the bottle to avoid any problems

    • Yes, it can be carried. It shall be sealed and not opened. You can take upto 5 litres of liquor in check in baggage but will have to declare it.

  62. Is there any restrictions on the brands of indian liquor I can carry from Goa to Mumbai. I was given to understand from a government approved shop that only certain brands are approved.

  63. Is there any extra charges for carrying liquors(5 litres)….and liquor weight also count within this authorised carrying 15 kg of luggage weight..Or liquors weight is not count with the luggage bag.

  64. I am travelling by Indigo airline from Ahmadabad to Kolkata (CCU). Gujrat being a dry state, can I carry Liquor in checked in baggage? I will do web check in and drop off my checked in luggage. Do I need to give any special instruction?

  65. Im 19 years old and i need to carry liquor to pune for my uncle. I dont drink but have to carry liquor for my uncle so can i carry liquor in my check-in baggage?

  66. I`m going to Manipur Imphal from Delhi, and I want do carry 2 bottle of whiskey, and i.e glass bottle so, it can be broke as well and I`m going to carry that in my baggage , will it be save and secure till to my destination?

  67. I want to know that from pune to cochin flight 2 ltr. alcohol allowed? Require any permission/ permit/transfer fees/ Any other process.Please suggest

  68. Hi,

    I coming to visit Cochin and near by places in Kerala from Singapore then travel to Chennai after a week from Cochin airport thro Indigo domestic flight.

    Can I bring duty free liquors from Singapore and visit Cochin then bring to Chennai in cabin baggage without bottle seal open?

    • Nagaland is a Dry state. So, better avoid taking it. There is no clarity on whether it is allowed to take liquor in flight into the state or not.

  69. I have booked my flight by a student’s ID… i mean i am a student, aged 20 years, can i also carry liquor without any problem.

  70. We r traveling from Goa to Hyderabad, how much liquor can i carry in checked in baggage per person. I specify from GOA.

  71. I am defence person I am go to Delhi to Madurai
    For Air India express flight can I take how many alcohol pls tell me

  72. Hello Admin, I want to carry 4 litres of Ganga Jal in 2 plastic containers (not sealed) from Varanasi to Mumbai, Will I be allowed for it ?

    • This will depend on discretion of airline officials at airport. The problem is that if these are deemed not suitably packed, then these might not allowed even in check-in baggage.

  73. Each person says 5litres Alcohol in Check-in baggage.
    2 persons it’s 10 litres. But I have only one Check in baggage.
    As we are 2 members can we carry 10 litres in one Check-in baggage?

  74. Hi I’m travelling from dubai to Delhi and from there to hyderabad connecting flight. Can I carry liquor in my cabin baggage

  75. Can I carry 2 bottles of whiskey in my checked in bags and ask them to fix breakable sticker over it.

  76. I am travelling from Bangalore to Indore. Can I carry a sealed wine bottle in check-in baggage? Are there drop off counters in both the airports?

    • Yes, airline does allow carriage of liqour in check in baggage in sealed and well-packed condition. Also, it needs to be declared at the time of check-in and security clearance. You can take up to 5 litres in checkin baggage within permitted allowance limits.

  77. I am traveling from Kuwait to Surat via Chennai so how many liquor bottles carry from Chennai duty free shop?

  78. I am 19 years old and i am travelling from Goa to Hyderabad And iam travailing by indigo airlines can I carry Liquor or not?

  79. I have a gifted wine bottle in sealed condition which I need to carry in my checked in luggage from Bangalore to Hyderabad flight but as it is gift i don’t have receipt. What do I need to do in such case?

  80. Hi. I want to carry liquor from chandigarh (UT) to dimapur (nagaland). Will it be allowed as chandigarh is a union teritory?

    • There is no issue if Chandigarh is a UT. You can take it in sealed condition and in check in baggage, max 5 litres and shall declare it.

  81. Hi.can I take 5 litres of unopened whiskey from home packed in my check in luggage ? I’m flying from New Delhi ( T1) to hyderabad on an Indigo flight.

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