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Check-in is the process by the end of which the air travellers are able to get the boarding passes for their flights. IndiGo Airlines, India’s premier airline by market share, provides check-in facility through its airport counters as well as using its website or mobile application. All information relating to Indigo Web Check in is mentioned here for use by passengers. Real screenshots from Indigo website guide passengers on how to perform this online check in.

Step-by-step guide to Indigo Web check in process

If you are booking Indigo tickets from its website, you will be automatically checked in. Here is the process:

  1. Visit and select the flight tickets you want, say for Chennai to Bangalore.

IndiGo airlines online check in

2. Provide passenger details, such as Title, Name, Street Address, Town/City, Country, State, Zip, Phone no, Alternate Phone No, Emergency Contact No, Emergency Relationship and Email Address.

3. Choose any additional service that you want. IndiGo provides options of IndiMeals, IndiBags, Lounge, IndiCakes, Fast Forward, Travel Insurance, Travel Extras, Good Karma and Seat Plus.

Indigo Excess Baggage, Meals, Priority Check-in

IndiBags services can be chosen for buying pre-paid excess baggage slabs of 5, 10, 15 and 30 kgs.

Fast Forward can be used for priority check in purposes.

  1. Next step is to select the seats of your choice. A graphic of an airplane seating plan will appear on screen. It will showcase which seats are premium, window or aisle seats, occupied, near the exit gate and others. You can choose the ‘right tick’ button to select seat which is unoccupied.

Seat Selection Indigo Flights

  1. After completion of this process, the will be notified to review the booking. This step also allows you to make changes to seat selection or add services once again before you finally confirm the check in.
  2. Thereafter, you will be taken to the payments page and will be asked to pay using different modes of payment.

If you have already booked the flight tickets and want to web check in, then,

  1. You will have to click the ‘Check In’ Tab in main navigation of home page of
  1. Provide

either    Booking Reference (PNR No) + Email ID,

or,         Booking Reference (PNR No) + First Name, Last Name, Origin and Destination.

IndiGo Web Check In

Thereafter, there are simple steps which enable you to check in using the website of the airline.

Opening and Closing time of Indigo Online Check in process

Web check in opens 48 hours before and remains open till 2 hours prior to scheduled departure of flight.

In case, you have done the online check in but want to cancel the tickets, then this can be done online prior to 2 hours of scheduled time of flights. Else, you will have to call IndiGo call centre for the same.

In what cases Web Check in facility is not available?

  • International flights
  • Connecting flights
  • Infants on-board
  • Wheelchair bound passengers
  • Passengers with medical issues, such as pregnant women
  • Unaccompanied minors
  • More than 9 passengers travelling on same PNR

Passengers with only Cabin baggage

If you are not carrying any check in baggage and have checked-in online, then you can head off straight to security area skipping the airline airport check in with your printed boarding pass, valid ID proof and other required docs.

Passengers with Check in baggage

Domestic web check in facility is available for all Indigo domestic flights. But, if passengers want to carry check in baggage, they will have to arrive at drop-off counters which are currently present in select cities only. In other cities, the web checked in passengers with check-in baggage will have to be in regular queue. The cities in which the facility of drop-off counters is available are Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Kochi, Ahmadabad, and Pune.

For tagging your bags, the bag tags would be issued at this designated drop-off counter.

Please note that travelers having checked in using online medium are required to have printed boarding passes. If they are not in possession of printed boarding pass, they will have to use the regular check in counter queue of the airport to get the same.

Video on Indigo Web Check In Process After Booking Tickets

Feel free to ask your queries on Indigo web check in.

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  1. I’m travelling with my mom who does not have any of the proof you mentioned in the site but she has a dependable proof issued by govt (of my brother who is officer in the indian army).Can I use it as valid photo proof as it has her photo displayed on it ?If not plz suggest alternative rather than to cancel the ticket.

    • This is a very typical question. As per our discussion with the airline, it might not be possible. You will have a lot of convincing to do at the airport with the airline staff.

  2. what ID proofs are acceptable for infants. whether birth certificate of the infant is accepted?

    • Yes, birth certificate is accepted as a valid ID for infants. In fact, it is acceptable for children below 3 years of age. After 3 years, it is the school ID cards which are valid.

  3. Hi , this side mahesh and my wife and child travelling from cochin to chennai . My wife carrying pan card and E adhar but my child have no id proofs . is that possible to check in indigo flight?

    • You need to have a birth certificate of child less than 3 years age or school ID if age is more than 3 years. If there is no ID proof, it will not be possible to travel on Indigo or, for that matter, any other airline.

  4. hello, my brother is 18 yrs old and he has a temporary id card issued by his college and he dosen’t posses any other id card issued by govt of india. Will that do?

  5. how are online payments of group bookings done..??
    i have recently done the group booking online and indigo has accepted it.. but its still not showing the online payment option?

  6. Hi this side Moti Lal, I have booked flight ticket for myself along with my wife and my 13 months old son. Me and my wife have valid ID proof but my son does not have the same. His birth certificate Number along with his date of birth, my name and my wife name available online on the Municipal Corporation of Mumbai web site. as birth certificate issued by the same . the screen shoot/ print out of the same will allow my son to travel on Indigo.

    • You can use either of these three proofs: hospital ID proof of child with photo, vaccination chart or hospital discharge summary of mother. You can take the colour print out of the municipality website page as well but it is better to take one of the above three.

  7. Hi,

    My I’d card has my initial as my middle name. But, while booking the ticket, I gave my expanded middle name. Is that OK?

  8. I have selected the seat and meals for my family on 6e541 flight from lucknow to chennai.I am not able to print the boarding passes received by e mail properly. The page break is not proper. Can I get fresh boarding passes at airport while checking in?

  9. Hi, I have done web check-in for my indigo flight (from CCU to BLR, class-economy, regular fare sector), will I be allowed to carry only hand baggage(7 kgs), or I can also carry free baggage allowance (upto 15kg for domestic flight)…. As I heard from my friend that web check-in is done only if you have hand baggage. Please clarify.
    Also, if I don’t carry the print out of boarding pass after doing web check-in, will Indigo provide the boarding pass at the Airport.

    • When you have check in baggage, first thing to know is whether the airline has drop off counters at the departure airport or not. If these are not there, then you will have to still be in queue for checking in baggage and get the bag tags.

  10. Hey I have one Query, can I also get the proper boarding pass from the Indigo counter apart from still having a Web Check in ? Cuz I need a proper seat but still want the regular boarding pass for my official purpose.

    Please help soon. Thank you!

  11. if I don’t carry the print out of boarding pass after doing web check-in, will Indigo provide the boarding pass at the Airport.

    If yes,then where should I go for boarding pass and i have hand bag so where should i get hand bag tags.

    • You will be required to take the print out at the airport. This can be done at their check-in desk or at the kiosk machine (if it present at the airport)

  12. Hi, I m Sachin
    My query is.. I have booked a ticket from Mumbai to Guwahati by concession in Armed force. Now I m in Mumbai and I left my Force Identity card in Assam. So can you suggest me any other alternate option to produce as ID proof.

  13. Hello. I am travelling from Delhi to Kozhikode with change over at Mumbai. I booked from Indigo website and could get a seat in the Delhi-Mumbai sector. However there is no option for selecting seats in the Mumbai-Kozhikode segment. Can I do web check in for the same?

  14. I am traveling with an infant and a child alone… do I get some leeway on check in baggage weight.. can I carry essential medicines in hand baggage

  15. Hi. I am an indian living in the US (NRI). My Passport has gone for visa stamping. I have a US driving license and employee ID of my company in US (the company offices are also in India). Can any one of them be used as ID for entering the indian airport or for check in for domestic travel?

    • Please contact the airline for this matter. As far as we are concerned, this shall not be a problem since you hold the company ID (but it has to be a reputeed one). Contact the airline.

    • You might have got the Lite fare which does not have check in baggage. You can pay a small fee to change the fare type from Lite to standard and carry the 15 kg check in baggage as free allowance.

  16. Hi,

    For my wife, Child (5 Years) & I have given passports for VISA stamping. My wife & child want to travel from Hyderabad to Delhi.

    However, My wife & child didn’t have any other ID proof. Can passport colored / BW copy (along with biographic page) be used at air port & check In. If not, kindly let us know the alternatives.

    • Since you have a genuine issue, we believe airline shall be satisfied. But, it would be good if you could connect with the airline directly for this issue.

  17. Hi,
    Indigo Airlines recently launched LITE fare, I wasn’t aware of this and happen to book a LITE fare ticket. After the confirmation, I come to know that for LITE fare ticket, only hand baggage of 7kg is permitted and NO CHECKIN BAGGAGE. Still, what if I carry CHECKIN BAGGAGE on the day of travel, what will happen? Will I be charge extra amount?If so, how much? Can you please clarify me on this for its not possible to travel without CHECKIN BAGGAGE?

    • No worries if you carry the checkin baggage on a Lite ticket. Just pay a fee of about Rs 400 to get the fare class changed to normal one at the airport.

    • If you carry check in baggage, you will have to get the fare class changed from Lite to standard one by paying Rs 400. It is okay to carry this luggage thereafter.

  18. I would like to travel to Kolkata from Goa on 1st May 2017 when I will be 26 weeks and 5 days pregnant.Do I need A fit to fly certificate?will i be allowed to travel coz I do not want any harassment.plz rply

    • If there are no prior complications and yours is a single delivery, then you do not need a fit-to-fly certificate. There is no question of harassment. For your own satisfaction, you can carry this certificate.

  19. Can i carry noodles packet in my check-in luggage? If so than is there any limit on that? Inside the packet there are small packets containing spices and oil.

  20. Only originals are considered valid ID proofs. SBI passbook with photo and duly stamped can be a valid ID proof but not the photocopy of PAN Card.

  21. I have a confirmed ticket and travelling with cabin luggage only, after doing web check-in and getting the boarding card printed, how much time before flight departure I have to report at airport ??

  22. I need to carry 2 liters of domestic water for a test purpose. Can I carry with my cabin baggage or checked in baggage.
    water might be non drinking type. please advice.

    • Allowed in check in baggage but will have to explain during check in. It has to be well packed to ensure that there is no spillage. However, airline officials will have a final say after seeing the sample of water.

  23. In what cases Web Check in facility is not available?

    International flights
    Connecting flights
    Infants on-board
    Wheelchair bound passengers
    Passengers with medical issues, such as pregnant women
    Unaccompanied minors
    More than 9 passengers travelling on same PNR

    In the above list please add

    Tickets booked through Defense quota, since verification of Identity card will be required.

  24. I traveled from Goa to ahmedabad today at 1:55 in indigo airlines .
    I wanted to ask that,
    Can I get the list of passengers name or initials because I want to meet a girl who was sitting on the same aisle side seat at my back.
    We managed to talk but failed to share our names.
    So,if I could get any help in knowing the name.

  25. Hi, does hand baggage of 7kg limit gets checked in airport for weight or size limit for LITE fare ticket webcheck in. What happens if they find out the weight of the hand baggage is more than 7 kg?. and what are the charges for check in baggage on LITE fare ticket? does Delhi airport T1D has indigo drop-off counter for web check in .
    can i pay for the check in baggage online during web check in?

    • If weight is more than 7 kg, you will be asked to keep some items out of it. If you intend to take check in baggage after buying Lite tickets, you just need to pay Rs 400 at airport to change the fare type of ticket to standard one. Then you will be allowed to take 15 kg check in baggage free of cost. It can be paid for during the web checkin.

  26. What is the process to board a inter connecting flight ( ( Both are Indigo Airlines).
    I am travelling from Pune to Bhubaneswar via Bangalore. I have a time gap of 1 hour and 15 mins between the flights. After I reach the bangalore airport what are the necessary procedure I need to follow ?

  27. Is briyani allowed to be carried in cabin baggage? If not in check in baggage?. Also I have Charminar glass bangles wid me. And I ve packed it in a small carton box tat fits my cabin baggage. Is tat all fine?

  28. What all can we take in a handbag from Delhi to Srinagar through IndiGo flight?
    Are handbags not allowed?


  29. Hi,
    I’am travelling from XXXXXXX to Hyderabad HYD and arriving at 18:40 by flight and I have to catch a Indigo flight from Hyderabad HYD to Coimbatore CJB at 20:50. is the time sufficient to checkin? or any shortest possibility to get the boarding, if there is any delay in my arrival.

    • That can be a problem but please check the distance between the terminals of airport and how long will it take to get there.

  30. I have checked in online and got boarding pass but in boarding pass gate no. is not mentioned , so for security checking where to go as i have booking from Mumbai. Kindly Help

  31. Hi this is srikanth travelling to kerala from Hyderabad …i want to carry 5kgs rice with me that allowed in check in luggage… ?

  32. Hi ..just want to check if I can carry first aid medicines in my hand luggage? I have a 6months old baby.
    Medicines like Cronin drops, nasal drops, oral cold drops and colic aid.

  33. Hi,
    I am travelling from Nagpur to Bangalore with my family (Me, my wife and my 4 yr old daughter).
    My daughter doesnt have ID proof. Can we carry Birth cirtificate or bank passbook (her photo is pasted on the same with authority signature) as ID proof ??

  34. hi i am having 2 luggages, 1 laptop bag, 1 sling bag and 2 hand bags please say in which section we can carry this items , i am also having 150 ml of perfume where should i keep it and most important we booked tickets via an agent and he said we will get seats in boarding pass, please throw some light on this issue .

  35. I’m traveling from kochi to pune. But I have a connecting flight from chennai. It’s a one stop same pnr ticket. Should I check in my luggage again at chennai or can I collect it directly from pune.

  36. my wife has adhar card and pan card. Is adhar card and pan card valid documents to go to pokhara, Nepal.

  37. Hello,
    This is Karthika. I am travelling with my parents and 3 months old son to Bangalore from Trivandrum.I have got few questions on the following regard. Could you please clarify them?

    1) ID proof for my 3 months old son.
    2) Is check-in bags allowed from Trivandrum to Bangalore domestic flight?
    3) What is the max weight allowed for check-in and cabbage?
    4) Can I check- in a bag of dimension 28×19 inches?
    5) Is there any fare charged for infants in Indigo?

    • Birth Certificate is a valid Proof for 3 year old. Check in bags are allowed in domestic flight if you have not booked a Lite fare. If you have booked a Lite fare ticket but want to carry the checkin bag, you need to get the fare type changed by paying Rs 400. Then, you will be able to take the standard baggage allowance, which is 15 kg check in and 7 kg cabin per passenger (adult or child, not infant). Infant only allowed one cabin bag of 7 kg. It is the sum of dimensions of the check in baggage which is important. So, 158 cm shall be the sum of dimensions of baggage. Rs 1000 or so are charged for infants.

  38. Hi Sir/Mam,

    Can I carry MI-Power Bank with me?
    If Says NO.
    Please let me know, how is it possible to carry with me because it’s urgent.

    Shankar L

  39. Got same first name and last name on my domestic flight ticket (Ex:R Raj R Raj) But PAN Card contains R Raj only is it any problem

  40. I will be travelling from London to Kolkata and then from Kolkata to Pune on an Indigo flight (Indigo 6E – 794) on 11th July. I want to understand the rules and limits of carrying liquor on the domestic flight in check-in baggage.

    • You can take upto 5 litres of liquor in sealed condition and in check in baggage only while travelling in India.

    • Liquids more than 100 ml would not be allowed under any circumstance. If it is medicine, it needs to be supported by documents.

  41. We 4 persons alongwith a baby below 2 yrs r travelling to Goa by INDIGO on 8 Sep 17. Pl. clarify 1. Can we carry milk, juice etc. in d hand baggage for d baby. 2. Can we carry snacks in our hand baggage. 3. Can we carry a bottle of Whisky. Thanks

    • Liquids more than 100 ml not allowed in cabin. Milk powder can be taken and water taken from cabin crew. Dry and non-oily snacks are allowed. Whysky can be taken in check in baggage but it shall be sealed.

  42. we are planning to travel to hyd from bangalore n sep ii week. My son is 4 yrs old. he doesnt have any govt id proof. He is studying in a playshool. He has his school id card. Is that accepted as id proof.

  43. I booked an infant ticket for my son who will turn to 2 yrs 3 months at the time of travel and he will be travelling on his mother’s lap. Will it be a problem or can I change his ticket to ‘child’ at the time check-in.

  44. Dear Team,
    We have booked 3 Ticket from nagpur to cochin but in that time of booking i dont have given details address. Is it compulsory …??? me and wife addhar card is from Maharashtra and my son addhar card is in Surat due i m working over there and left the job now. Can we provided zerox copy for checking is it valid please suggest

  45. Hello, I bought and paid from France 3 flights for May 2018 (Udaipur-Delhi, Delhi-Varanasi-Delhi, Delhi-Goa-Delhi). I paid with my credit card and everything went smoothly. I checked in for all the flights but a few moments later I received a message telling me that the check-in had been canceled. I tried to do the check-in again for the first flight but I still have the same message “Morelli / William = MR is on WATCH queue.” – 20180512 6E 747 UDRDEL It may be because of an error system restriction “. When I return to my reservations, everything is ok, paid and confirmed. I do not understand what’s going on. Thank you for informing me.

    • You need to contact the airline. They will be able to confirm the exact status. Sometimes, errors do happen due to technical glitches.

  46. I have done web check in and drop off facility is not available in the airport. now, i have to drop off the luggage only? or will i get a new boarding pass?

    • If drop off facility is not available, you will have to be in queue at airport to get the bags tagged and then leave these at check in counter.

  47. Dear concern,
    Please confirm me if Public Sector bank passbook (SBI) with Photo is allowed at IGI for valid ID poof

    • Can be carried in check in baggage. You might have to pay special handling charge if it is deemed to be an odd-sized item.

  48. May I be allowed to carry–
    Chargeable beard trimmer and pens, pencils in a cabin baggage?
    Electric kettle (0.5L),aluminium mug, a 150ml perfume bottle in a check in baggage?

    • You need to recheck the booking made. You would need the booking number of the airline and not of the agency, if you have used the latter for ticket booking.

  49. When I tried check-in online it is giving me the following error:
    K/Sreeram=MR is on WATCH queue. Cannot check-in passenger. – 20180616 6E 601 DELHYD
    Could you kindly clarify?

  50. Yesterday I made a check in for our flight from Delhi to varanasi, today I wanted to make check in for the other flights but I get an error message after selecting our seats.
    l********/b*****=MR is on WATCH queue. Cannot check-in passenger. – 20180814 6E2299 UDRDEL

    • Is there someone who is not eligible for checkin. Please read our post above on which all passengers are not eligible for checking in.

  51. I am trying to web check in my parents. I am not allowed to, and I get the message that my father is on ‘watch queue’. What does this mean? I have reserved wheel chair facility for them. Is this why I am not able to check in?

    • For international flights of Indigo the web check in is not an available option. For domestic flights of Indigo airlines, You can check-in online by clicking the ‘check in’ tab in the navigation on indigo website: You are required to provide booking reference and last name or email id used for ticket booking.

  52. I have a domestic flight tomorrow morning but I’m not being allowed to check in. I’m eligible for online check-in but I’ve been put on “watch queue”. How do I do an online check in?

    • Have you availed of any special services? Are you travelling with an infant or on an international flight? Indigo Web Check in is not allowed in certain circumstances and for certain passengers. Please read the content above to know whether you fall in one of these.

  53. Hi,

    We have tried to check in but after selecting our seats it appears this message:
    parets/marti=MR is on WATCH queue. Cannot check-in passenger. – 20180812 6E 846 HYDDEL
    So we can’t complete the check-in. What we should do now?

    • This error comes when you are trying to web check in someone who is not allowed to use it. Kindly check whether any passenger with special needs is travelling or is it an international flight or an infant is travelling with the child or some senior citizen is travelling under the senior citizen discount category.

  54. I did webcheck in and have soft copy of boarding pass on my phone.(Boarding at Bangalore )
    Do i need to take physical printout ?

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