Valid ID Proofs for Domestic Flights – Indigo Airlines

Whenever people have to travel by air, they require valid ID proofs to be carried along with them. In India, these valid ID proofs for domestic flights are mentioned by the DGCA and which are acceptable to all airlines, irrespective of whether these are low cost carrier or legacy carriers.


These valid proofs that have photos of the person are:

  1. Driving License: Issue by the appropriate transport authority of each State or Union Territory, driving license is acceptable as a valid identity proof.
  2. Election Voter I-Card: Issued by the Election Commission of India, the voter identity card establishes that you have the right to vote and your identity is recorded in government documents.
  3. Permanent Account Number (PAN) Card: This is issued by the Income Tax Department of Government of India for every tax assesses of the Union of India. Hence, this is valid proof.
  4. Passport: Even for domestic travel by air, passport issued by the Ministry of External Affairs holds validity as a genuine identity proof.
  5. School ID cards for Children: When it comes to infants and children there is much confusion with respect to valid ID proofs. For children below 3 years of age, the valid ID cards are their birth certificates. If these are not available, then discharge summary of mother or the certificate can be carried. It is better to have some valid ID proof for infant for the purpose of Indigo check in so that there are no hassles at the airport. For children, who are above 3 years of age, their school card is considered as a valid ID proof.
  6. ID cards issued by the government departments and undertakings or from reputed private sector organizations for its employees can also be considered as valid for identification purposes. However, which private organization can be considered as reputed is something which limits the scope of this rule. Thus, only big organizations or companies, such as Tatas, Reliance and the likewise can come under its ambit.
  7. Aadhar Cards and the e-Adhaar cards are also recognized as valid proofs.

It is important that all these proofs shall be taken in original and photocopies will not work. Printout of e-adhaar card from the government website in colored format can also be considered as valid.

Indigo Not Permitting Affidavits as Valid ID Proofs

Earlier, Indigo Airlines had accepted the affidavits made in this respect if the people did not have valid identification proof for check-in purpose, but the practice has now been discontinued (save for some rare cases). This is because that this method is likely to be misused since getting affidavits made is very easy.

Valid ID Proofs for Domestic Flights Indigo Airlines

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  1. क्या बार काउंसलिंग का परिचय पत्र मान्य दस्तावेज है ओर शपथ-पत्र किस तरह का होना चाहिए ..घरेलू यात्रा के लिए ..

      • Sir I don’t have any government issued ID card for domestic travel I issued a verified affidavit for the identification also with my Bonafide certificate issued by principal of my college so will this all be sufficient for valid identification

  2. We planned the journey for our 2 month old boy when he was named in the name of Baby (mother’s Name). Now we have named him and have received a Birth certificate as well. We have Hospital certificates too. Will the different name on Birth certificate create any problem?

  3. hi,

    i booked a ticket for my family using my credit card.unfortunately i could not travel with them.
    she has only PAN card as her id proof and child of 3 and half years has no id proof because its with me.
    photocopy of passport of child is acceptable and should i also send my credit card copy as i booked thro it.

    • Yes, you shall provide the photocopy of the credit card which is used to book the tickets with your own authorisation on it. Original ID proofs are required to be provided for verification purpose and photocopy of passport might not be sufficient.

  4. My 2 year 1 month Baby need to travel in next week i have checked with authorities Adhar card is allowed after 3 years , pan card for her can not be made as she is hardly 2 …i have checked for passport but it is to short of time.. what else can be Identityproof in this case

  5. I am a 1st year student and a Student ID card is yet to be issued by the Institute. However I have Library card mentioning the name of the institute, course and my name and picture as well. I am planning to travel in October, so if the ID is not issued to us by then will the Library card be acceptable?

  6. me and my wife we have votar id but my 15 year old son and 9 year old daughter have not any document how i can traval in indian domestic flait

  7. Sir
    My name is “xxxxxx yyyyyyyyy”
    So I book a ticket by mistake name “xxxxxx yyyyyyyyy”
    But when I read my id proof , written”xxxxxxram yyyyyyyyy”
    Is there any problem creating to travel by indigo?

  8. dear sir I travel in domestic flight in India with family . I have only one id card . my wife forget id card when travel. airport authority allow me and my family in flight.

  9. We are traveling 3 members family , is it enough to provide one person’s ID for the verification ? If not , will it acceptable to provide color copy of E Adhar card of each person ?

    • All passengers shall have a valid ID proof. Colour copy of Aadhar card from the website of the government is taken as valid ID proof.

  10. I booked a ticket for me and my friend. I have all the government ID proofs but my friend does NOT have any government ID. He has college ID Card. Is that enough for him to board? Also, will 10th and 12th grade marks card work?

  11. I am a student I don’t have any government is but I have class 10 and 12 admit card which has my foto so can it b used
    P.S. it is a Xerox not original shud I have to get a original??
    Pls reply fast

  12. Hello team
    I have a problem I have a flight after 2 days. I am travelling with my wife and with 2 other 2 couples. We have booked ticket on one page. Now I have forgot my Orginal id proof (currently i have a copy of my id)at my hometown and my hometown is so far from jaipur. But my all friends have their Orginal id proof. So my query is, is it required all passenger have their Orginal id proof.
    One more small query is Registeration Card – RC of my vehicle is valid photo id proof ?


    • RC copy does not bear your photo, so it will not be accepted. If you have an adhaar card, then take a coloured print out from the original government website where this would be present and then it can be presented as a valid ID proof.

  13. I have a cousin who is 15 years old and has been a dropout from school for last 4 years. She was a student of a local state school which didn’t give any identity card. Can she travel with me and my mom, we have both valid ID cards and can book tickets under the same PNR?

  14. Hi, I have my 12 years old daughter which comes under Adult category while booking air ticket. She only has birth certificate and school id with photo. Myself and wife have valid ID proofs. Will she could fly domestic flights with school id card & birth certificate for age proof? Same for my 2nd daughter who is at age 6.

      • Is passbook of any bank accepted? Or only SBI? Plus I only have passbook as a identity proof..will that work? I mean will HDFC or ICICI passbook work?

          • I have a Bonafide certificate issued from my University which has my photo and is duly stamped, will that work?
            Because my wallet got stolen and all my documents were in it and the least I can do is get a certificate from my University which has my photo and is stamped.

  15. Dear admin

    i am travelling with my wife and 2 yr old daughter , i have all the valid proof but my wife who is still a student is only having college ID proof (with Photo ) and my daughter has vaccination report card only .

    Please help

    • College ID card could work. However, it would be good to think of something else as well. May be a bank passbook with photo ID duly stamped could also work.
      Vaccination card for the kid would be acceptable.

  16. M sister is travelling to mumbai in Indigo Airlines, with her 2 sons.
    1. 4 years old carrying DOB certificate in Hindi language mentioning DOB and mother’s first name only(without photo).
    2. 6 months – Adhar card with photo and DOB (under Name coloumn is “Baby of mother’s name” written).
    3. My sister she is carrying her Adhar card with proper name.
    Please let me know if everything will work or not?
    and please provide your suggestion, if any.

    Fast response awaited.

    Thanks in advance.

    • These shall be fine. TO be on safe side, it is better to carry the school ID card for the 4 years old child as another proof.

  17. I booked a ticket in my mothers name before marriage and will be accompanying me in domestic flight. She does not have a valid photo id in her old name except xerox of pan card. however, she has adhar card in the new name. Will it be valid ? Alternatively can a photo-id letter issued by state MLA work ?

    • If she is travelling international, then a passport is must. However, in case of domestic travel, the list of valid ID proofs are provided in the content above.

  18. Hi myself and my wife have aadhar card driving license and voter ID my son studying in 3rd standard he lost his ID proof. I have his 2nd standard I’d card and school diary with photo and stamp it is enough.

    • If you tell airline officials that he is studying in 3rd std but carrying ID of 2nd standard, then it could be a problem. So, take whatever ID you have. Second, you can also take the birth certificate or his vaccination chart to prove the age.

  19. Hi,
    I am having all valid proofs but this time my 8 years child travelling with me. He is having school ID card and birth certificate given by GHMC Hyderabad.He does not have any other documents.Is he eligible to travel with me.

  20. Hi I am planning to Travel on 9th Dec with my Child. She will complete 2 years on 2nd Dec. In this case she will be treated as infant or passenger ?? She will get separate seat or not ?

  21. I didn’t have personal id proof but I have a Xerox copy of my father’s Rashan card with my name.. can travel with this with my cousin brother who have his valid id like pan aadhar and voter id.

    • Ration card is not counted among the valid proofs. Please outline what other IDs do you have, may be someone among it can be considered?

  22. Hi,
    I’m travelling from Cochin to Bangalore after two days with my father, mother and wife. My father has forgotten his Voter ID and it is not possible to collect it now, since we are not in our hometown. I, my wife and my mom are having Valid ID proofs with us. However, my father has his bank passbook (nationalized bank) with his photograph, so will this be acceptable in this case? Please let me know urgently, otherwise I’ll have to cancel my tickets.


  23. I am flying in 2 wks with my family. Me, my wife and daughter have the Id proof but my grandmother who is nearly 90 yrs only has the photocopy of her Adharcard. Would it be alright ? Or ..

    • It has to be a reputed organization. We suggest you speak to the airline on whether your organization would be considered reputed or not.

  24. hii my grandmother she is in Hyderabad now she is going to portblair .she have local certificate ID proof of portblair is it okay? And does th airline give any consection on flight ticket?

  25. My baby completed 4month on 28th November. I have to travel from kolkata to mumbai due to some emergency but her birth certificate will be received in Jan 2017. For issuing birth cerficate all original documents submitted. Kindly let me know, what document will be used for her age proof?

    • Vaccination chart, Mother discharge summary, hospital ID proof… these are some of the docs which can be used. We would still request that you contact the airline to get confirmation.

      • Fit certificate along with birth details of my child issued by doctor, vaccination chart/certificate, photocopy of original birth certificate issued by hospital and attested by doctor. These documents are available with us so please confirm can we travel from Kolkata to Mumbai?

  26. Actually I booked a ticket on 18dec 2016 my name is Joel philip Mathew but in the ticket my name is mentioned as…. Joel Mathew…. is there any problem??

    • Name on ticket must be same as that of the valid ID proof. Now, you can always request the airline to look into the matter.

  27. Me and my wife are traveling with valid ID. But our domestic help will travel with us but she has no id apart from pass book of nationalized bank. Will that be sufficient?

  28. Hi Team,
    I have booked 3 tickets and 1 infant to travel in domestic. please clarify my questions below.

    1. By mistake one of the letter in my name is missing of the original name, does it considerable or not?
    2. Do i need to write full name of surname or first letter of surname.

    Best Regards,

    • In case of any discrepancy in names on ID proof and tickets, please bring this to the notice of the airline. There are remedies to the problem.

  29. Hi,

    I will be travelling with my child (2 months old) from indigo. I have got computer generated birth certificate print out with me. We have not yet registered our child name so the birth certificate is not having the child name. But my name is there on the birth certificate. Will there be any problem?

    • You will have to take the original ID proofs. Photocopies will not work. You can also take the vaccination chart or hospital ID proof

  30. My daughter is 4 years old.. i do not have aadhar card/PAN/Passport for her yet.. we have a flight within a week… will the birth certificate be ok for her travel in domestic flight?

  31. Actually I booked a ticket for 22 march 2017 my mother name on id proof is Kamlesh Kumari but in the ticket my name is mentioned as…. kamlesh garg…. is there any problem??
    & i have no id proof of kamlesh garg. pls tell me how i change last name.

    • There will be issues. It is better to contact the airline to seek the remedy. Since Indigo is an LCC it might entertain your request for change of name if you have booked directly with it. At worst, you will have to cancel it and then buy it again.

  32. Sir/Madam, Regarding valid ID card for my children.The school has issued Study certificate duly containing date of birth, class, school and the photograph of child duly signed by the Principal of the school.Whether it is a consider a valid ID document.

    2. Further I am a public sector employee,the employer has already furnished the medical ID card for children individually with DOB and Photograph.

    3. Also employer is ready to furnish the ID of my children on their letter head.

    In all 3 cases kindly confrm whether these can be taken as valid ID proofs


    • WE would request you to speak to airline representative and it would be good if you insist on getting the query answered from their supervisors.

  33. Ideally, names on ticket and Id proof shall match. If there is a discrepancy, you shall communicate it to the airline. They might change it as per their discretion.

  34. Hi,its urgent .I need to travel tomorrow urgently.My son’s age is 2+ and I am not carrying any of my son’s ID card/Birth certificate/Vaccination Chart.Fortunately I am carrying his discharge summary in original.and his name mentioned as Baby of Kousiki Ghosh(His mother name) and his mother carrying original passport and Pan card.will it be enough to take entry of my son’s and take boarding? Plz help by confirming.

  35. Hi
    I have niece from a village in Manipur living with us in Delhi. We have booked tickets in Indigo for January to Imphal and my niece doesnt have any id proof as she is illiterate. Last year she traveled with Affidavit. As i can see Indigo is not considering affidivit as valid ip proof now. How can my niece travel in Indigo without id proof now? Please advice.

  36. Hi, I have booked tickets for my father however due to some technical issue there was supposed to be a space between his first name and middle name which is not showing in the ticket, will there be any problem in boarding for that?
    He will be carrying all his valid ID proofs

  37. I am going to book tickets for my wife and son. For my son no any GOVT ID’s and have collage ID and have orginal marks card with photo is this will work as a ID. Pl reply

  38. Hi I am travelling with my wife and 3.6 year daughter. For daughter I have only DOB without photo. Is it accepted in security check in?

  39. Hi Team,

    I have lost my PAN Card and i’m only left with passport photocopy. I do have a FIR copy for the PAN. Can you help me with this case.

    Thanks in advance

    • This shall be taken up directly with the airline, if tickets are booked with it or with the agent. That shall be okay but airline has to be informed before the travelling date.

    • Ideally names have to be same in ticket and the valid ID proof. However, airline might admit discrepancies on case to case basis. Please take up your case with the airline.

    • Generally, names shall be same. However, airline might allow it in your case since the ID proof will also be having the Fathers name which would bear the same surname which is in your ticket. So, it shall be okay.

  40. Hey there …
    right now i am 17 years old and i have only aadhar card ..
    as for below 18 yrs old ..
    there is no PAN card, driving licence, voter id , etc ..
    so can i carry only aadhar card for domestic flight ..
    also i have college id..

  41. hi, tickets booked in the name of husband surname but i have id proof my parental surname. marriage certificate is acceptable to allow.. please tell.

  42. Hi,

    We have travelled from Kolkata to Bengaluru and we have a return flight.
    My wife has lost her ID card during g the trip.
    We have done web check in and the PNR for both her journeys are same.

    Please suggest an alternate so she will be allowed to board the flight and enter into airport.
    I have.y original ID card and scan copies of Marriage certificate , her ID card proof.

  43. I am travelling along with my wife. Ticket was purchased together and the ticket has a single PNR. I am carrying my ID proof, but wife is not. We do not have enough time to get my wife’s ID by courier.
    Can she be allowed to travel?

    • Every passenger shall have an original ID proof. If she has an Adhaar card, you can take a coloured print out from the official website.

  44. I have no passeport, driving licence or voter id. I have aadhaar card ,10th and 12th admit card and i am below i can travail domestic airport.

  45. hi I don’t have passport but I have voter id, adhar card and pan card is this enough for domestic flights are I need passport

  46. We are already planned a family trip and out of 6 member, one of them is not having PAN, BANK ACCOUNT or any other ID proof but having 10th,12th Admit Card, Mark sheet which include the Passenger Photo with all detail so Will it work as valid ID proof or Not?

  47. I have a valid id PAN and Aadhar card but my cousin who is travelling with doesnt have any with him. So in such case can e- aadhar considered as a valid document for air travel. Ours is a combined ticket

    • PLease take the colour print out of the Adhaar Card from the official website of the government and then it can be considered as a valid ID proof.

  48. Hi my name is Amit Kumar Budhwani and i am going with my parents to Goa. But unfortunately while booking my name is written as Amit Budhwani but all my documents it reflect as Amit kumar. Is this is a big problem for me while check in. Please suggest.

  49. while booking tickets i have entered first name n middle name instead of first name n last name.
    will it be any issue while checkin?

    • For any inconsistencies while entering the names, it is suggested to bring it to the notice of airline before travelling. Most often, these are resolved without any issue.

  50. My son will complete 3 years 1 month on the date of traveling. But we have only his birth certificate with his name. Is this certificate will be enough for traveling. If yes, is original birth certificate required for this or we can manage with xerox copy.

    • Birth Certificate is generally considered sufficient valid proof for children upto 3 years of age. In your case it is 3 years and 1 month. We think this shall be allowed. Please speak to airline once more before travelling so that there are no issues.

  51. we have booked our tickets for 2nd feb 2017, but my younger sister’s applied PAN Card is not received yet. In this case which document will be valid for airport check in. She doesn’t have any photo id proof.
    Please help me out.

    • Does she have a bank account passbook with photo and due stamping from the bank. If yes, it will work as valid ID proof. Valid ID proofs are mandatory for travelling by air.

    • Valid Id proof in original, Boarding pass (if issued), Photocopy of the card which has been used to make payment, tickets and passport (if travelling international)

  52. my wife is having Id proof before marriage but ticket booked under names of her after marriage.
    we have marriage certificate. is it sufficient proof?

    • Marriage certificate is an evidence to support the fact that she has now been married. But, it shall be brought to notice of airline before being allowed to fly.

  53. I have booked my ticket with first name and last name but my ID proof doesn’t have last name….will they allow me to travel??

  54. Hi,

    I need to travel with my son, he is 2 year and 3 month old, I have the original birth certificate.
    Is it acceptable.?

  55. Hi,
    Can my wife use marriage certificate as a valid ID proof for domestic air travel ? Marriage certificate is in English and it has photo of me and my wife.

  56. Hi,

    Army ECHS card can be produced at the of airport, while calming concession under army quota, for dependents.


  57. Hi. Is Bank Passbook of Vijaya Bank (Government bank) with photo and bank stamp, considered at ID proof ? Please revert asap as my check in scheduled for today.

  58. I dont have physical id proof for 9 years old daughter but have a photo copy of her adhar card. So does that work for domestic flight

    • Original photo IDs are accepted. Please take a colour print out of Adhaar card from the official website of Adhaar card

  59. Dear Sir,
    We are in total 4 to travel in a domestic flight, in which me and my wife has Aadhaar Card, also my 4 years child (not started schooling yet) has a birth certificate, but my 1 year & 7 month infant child do not have any kind of I’d proof yet. While travelling the age of infant will be 1 year 7 months. Can we travell in domestic flight.

    • You can carry the vaccination chart of the baby, hospital record for the infant. You can fly for sure. It would be good if you seek further information for the airline as well.

  60. Hi,
    Is college ID card is a valid ID card? I am a student from Kirori Mal college, Delhi University. Please reply at earliest

  61. Hello,

    I am USA citizen and I have OCI card. Can I use my OCI card for ID for domestic travel in India? Sorry if this is multiple post – for some reason, I don’t see my previous posts.

  62. Hi please answer my question quickly admin Iam Afghan refugee in Delhi and my passport is now not available for me because I get him for visa so I have refugee card from UNHCR ( United Nations high commisionery For refugees) so is indigo and security accept my refugee card for domestic travel

    • We have been following your query with airline but there is no information yet. They are promising to provide this as soon as possible as the team is searching for it with higher authorities.

  63. Namaste,

    We are taking 49 students on a trip, will photocopy of aadhar card or school ids will work as a id proof at check in?

    Will school bonafide work incase student does not have any official id?

    or what is the easy and best solution

    • No, only originals work as valid ID proof. School IDs are generally not accepted as valid IDs. Please contact the airline directly for seeking waivers for group trip but do not think this will work.

      • One person of my family dont have any photo id ,and i saw that birth certificate can be it true,can we travel only based on birth certificate

  64. I have booked My flight in April with the name Mrs. Aakansha Taore Sawant but Taore is my maiden surname and it’s not mention in my I’d Proof. I have I’d proof of my name Aakansha Sawant , Taore is not mentioned in my I’d proof. I have pan card where is mentioned my father’s name Ashok Rao Taore. So can I know how I will solve this issue.

    • If Taore is not mentioned, it is fine. Take both the IDs in original. IT would be good if you speak to the airline as well to be 100% sure.

  65. I don’t have passport. With a duplicate copy of driving licence can I take a flight. PAN Card alone could be used as ID proof instead..

  66. Dear sir
    we are boarding a domestic flight this weekend an my sister is 16 yrs old but there is an error in her adhar card like her name is misspelled so do you accept school id card as valid id proof

  67. My child is 3.5 years old and I have booked a domestic flight. He does not have any school ID as he not enrolled into school. What ID should he get ?

  68. Sir we plan to fly cbe to chennai on next month me my wife our 3 yrs old son . My son dont have any id proof we lost his birth certificate is that necessory an id proof for a 3 yrs old kid with his parents to travel within india we booked our tickets in indigo

    • Every passenger travelling needs to have a valid ID proof. Please contact the airline. Vaccination chart, hospital discharge slip of mother could also be considered as valid ID proofs but we would request you to get in touch with the airline.

  69. sir, I would like to know as to whether a child of 10 yrs can travel in domestic flight if he has saving bank passbook with photo and stamp but has no school Id. Can bank passbook work as valid id. Can aadhar card having old photo be used by child as valid id.

  70. I my son is just two yearssix months old, iIonly not have any photi Id proof for him, i can present Birth Certificate, LiC policy, but no Photo I’d, i need to travel urgently please advise

    • Birth Certificate would be sufficient. Sorry for late reply. Will make sure that replies are sent within 24 hours.

    • Could you please tell me that I have the print of birth certificate downloaded from the relevant govt Dept website .my baby is 5 and a half months old. Is this certificate valid as his age proof???

  71. Hi, i am travelling with an enfant who is completing 2 in april 18. But i have flight on april 17. I am not buying ticket for him. I have his vaccination chart with me only. Is this enough.

  72. Hi, My kids age is 3 years and already booked a full paid ticket for her as she is above 2 years. She doesn’t have any id proof like school id or Aadhar. Does Birth certificate is sufficient as id proof.

  73. Hi,
    I have web check in and printed boarding pass in black and white. Do I need colour print of boarding pass?

  74. Hi,
    All my ID cards only have my initial not my last name. My flight ticket has my last name spelled. Will that be a problem?

  75. Can the photocopyof my student id card as well as the original of another valid photo id be enough to avail the 6E student offer?

  76. is school I card is valid for age 5 and 7 yrs of children. and my family have to keep copy of credit card from which ticket is booked.

    • yes, these would be taken as valid ID proofs. Yes, copy of credit card is needed. Along with it, you shall also carry the authorisation letter from the owner of credit card that he/she has allowed you to use his/her card for booking this ticket.

  77. I’m at nearby Lucknow right now My Aadhar Card is in Mumbai at my home & I want to go Mumbai with my younger brother …..We don’t have Aadhar with us …..We both have Aadhar Card copy on Mobile phone ….
    We can travel by this

  78. Hi
    I booked my ticket from Delhi to Hyderabad but in my sir name’s spelling one latter is missed. Please advise me what should I do.
    Amit Saraswat

  79. My wife doesn’t have any photo id so affidavits issued by advocate for her journey so it will consider as I’d proof for airport check in

    • Affidavits are not considered for check in purpose anymore. It would be good if you could take some other ID proof.

        • If you booked the return flight at the first instance itself, then you can take up this case with the airline directly. You can tell them that she flew on the first leg of journey and return ticket was booked alongwith. Please speak directly to the airline in this respect.

  80. Dear sir,
    My daughter is 4 years old school going and doesn’t have any I’d proofs. We are planning to travel by air domestically. In absence of I’d proof will security check be through and boarding pass issued?

  81. PAN card, driving licence, Bank account, are still in progress, i dont hv any other id proof but i hv student ID which contain photo, signature of the college principal of Don bosco maram, admit card for class -12 of 2017 issued by COHSEM is these accepted as id proof for domestic flight

  82. I have wrongly submitted the date of birth while booking the flight. Name in the ID is not in the same pattern as in travel details. Will it be a problem?

  83. i show my 10th boards admit card as a photo id.. there’s my photo.. or my school id card is acceptable? but valid date has expired

  84. Hello sir,

    In case of complete name change(due to astrological reasons for marriage), what would be the valid ID proof? Ticket was booked under the new name but all valid ID proofs are on old name.

    Please help me to understand, this is urgent! Thank you for your help!

    • Please speak to airline in this respect. this issue is quite common and airlines are able to resolve it. So, no worries. Speak to airline. It will tell you the way out.

  85. Hello,
    I am travelling with my 3 months old baby to Bangalore from Trivandrum. I just hold scanned copy of my baby’s birth certificate, will this go good as a valid ID proof?

  86. Sir I booked a ticket in indigo flight through Akbar travels . Hemalatha is my name. Same as I’d proof also.but ticket is booked Hemalatha Hemalatha .name printed twice .if there is any issue at the time of boarding.pls rectify my queries….

    • There is no issue. It is a standard practice to fill in the First name and Last name and if there is only First name, it is filled twice.

  87. Hi Team,
    I have 5 queries, please answer for all the queries in order.

    1) I have booked a ticket for my wife on madian name (last name is pre marriage) but she lost her orginal Aadhar and Voter Id (which has madian names)
    a) Can we use marriage certificate (issued by govt of Telengana) in which her madian name and post marriage name is there?

    2) I have a 2+ yrs old girl child, for whom I don’t have any id proof yet. Can I use hospital discharge summary (written on their hospital letter pad) on which my wife name is post marriage name?

    3) For my sister, last name is A K (per the voter id card) but due to typo error only K is printed on the ticket. Any possibility of leeway here?

    4) Can we fill in initials in the last name

    5) Can we use ration card or affidavit as a identity proof for any of the above scenarios?

    • yes, marriage certificate can be used but it is only considered as a supporting document for establishing validity of ID. You will have to explain to airline the situation if you have only this as marriage proof.
      You can take hospital discharge summary as well as the child vaccination chart.
      Your sister name can be taken but will have to bring this to the notice of airline.
      Last name shall be as such. If initials appear in end, fill as it is. If initials are in middle, add these along with the first name (with space)
      Neither ration card nor affidavit would work.

  88. My child is having birth certificate but photo and name is not there on birth certificate.
    Please advise if it is valid for child of 2.5 yr old.

  89. My child of age 4 1/2 years is travelling with me through indigo airlines. does he require id proof as he does not have any id proof and is haveing only the date of birth certificate

  90. It has been mentioned that eaadhar card with colour printout will be considered as valid ID proof. So does the same go while verification at airport security. Means will showing them eaadhar will suffice ?

  91. I want to travel domestic From Indore to Delhi with spouse and my child 2 Years and 8 months old , My baby girl will travel first time we don’t have any id proof of her except her birth certificate.Because she is not going to school.
    please guide us

  92. Hi,
    My kid is of 6 year. We have his aadhar enrollment slip. Can we use the same for domestic flight..

    • Take a print of the Adhaar card from official website. It will work. If it is only enrolment slip, we suggest you bring it to the notice of airline.

  93. sir birth certificate is valid or not? I also have residence certificate, gaon Panchayat certificate. Is it OK? And how about school ID proof but I’m not student .

  94. I am college student and I have my college ID card and a bank passbook as an identity proof.. Will that be enough?

  95. Hello Indigo, I booked my ticket in defense quota. I hav flight 5 am morning saturday, 26th. Unfortunately, I lost my defense ID card today. I have scan copy of it.
    Will I be allowed to board. Is there any problem with scanned copy.
    Please advise.

  96. can a passbook of Baroda Bank with photograph is valid document for identity, although i have aadhar card but i have made some update but updation is still pending

    • original hard copies of valid ID proofs are acceptable, not the ones in soft form. Therefore, please take a coloured print of Aadhaar card from official website. This would be acceptable.

  97. Hey i’m 17 and will there be any problem as i’m travelling solely. I do have my aadhar card {original} and other documents .

  98. I am a US citicizen. I want to fly from Delhi to Ranchi. but my passport is currently inthe Russian Embassy because i am applying for a Russian Visa.

    Can i travel on Indigo flight with a Valid US drivers licence (which has a photo), and a photocopy of my passport and indian visa?

    • We would suggest that you speak directly with the airline in this respect. And, while you are speaking to the customer service executive, please do ask them to speak to their senior supervisiors once for this matter. We approached them but got dwindling answers from junior executives. Seniors wanted us to quote the PNR no and other details first. So, we would request you to do it on your own, and do let us know what their response was.

    • Names on ticket and on valid id proofs shall ideally match. If this is not so, then there is a need to speak to airline about it.

  99. Hi, My daughter just one year old.
    We have her birth certificate but that is computer generated which does not require seal or signature as per Chennai corporation in India. Will it be accepted ?since there is no physical green ink signature made manually.

  100. The name of my wife was Priyanka Bhar and after marriage her name converted to Priyanka Majumdar. I purchased a ticket from Bangalore to Kolkata as Priyanka Majumdar. The name printed in her driving licence shows Priyanka Majumdar Bhar. She would travel with me in the same PNR and I have a valid ID Proof showing my name as printed in the booking ticket. Can she make her journey using this ticket?

  101. For a 6 yr old child.
    School studying certificate on letter head with photo and stamp is valid for domestic airlines travel ?

  102. Dear Indigo,

    our family has indigo flight on june 10th 2018 fron banglore to vijaywada,but one of my family member is having only m-aadhar as id proof.Is this id proof accepted at banglore airport.Kindly do the needful

  103. Sir my daughter 1 year 8 month is traveling with me but she has no photo id and her name Id.
    I have her date of birth certificate with out child name. Mother and father name mentioned on it.
    It is sufficient for her check in

    • Birth certificate would do. You can even carry vaccination reports and mother discharge summary as well for further proof.

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