Unruly Passenger Behaviour Rules on IndiGo Airlines Flights

Among the recent news items that made headlines for Indigo airlines was the unruly passenger behavior which led to many people being deplaned from its flights. Though such incidents are rare, a few of these happened quite frequently in the last few months. Here are some of these headline grabbing news from different sections of press.

  1. Deplaning of 3 passengers Mumbai-Ahmedabad Route
  2. Drunk Passenger offloaded along with wife
  3. 70 passengers offloaded

These incidents has initiated a debate on how to tackle the unruly behaviour of passengers during the flight, which can become a major security concern mid-air. Since airlines would not like to take chances with other passengers’ security, they would surely deplane them.

Recently, DGCA has permitted the airlines to use the plastic handcuffs to restrain these types of passengers.

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    Just wanted to know i am travelling nxt week from bombay to bhubneshwar with my child he is 2.5 yrs will he get the seats to sit and what is the luggage allowlance for the child

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