Items not permitted to carry on Indigo Airlines?

Indigo is the premier airlines of India, carrying the largest number of passengers. It it said to have more than 35 percent market share, the largest of all. The carrier provides free Indigo baggage allowance for check in and cabin luggage for its passengers on domestic and international sectors. However, it prohibits the carriage of certain items on its flights. These items are basically of nature that are likely to cause harm to the fellow passenger, the airplane or luggage of other passengers.

indigo baggage allowance information


Some items of hazardous or dangerous nature are not allowed in the cabin while some others are not allowed in the check in baggage. Also, some items are not allowed on-board totally. These are mentioned below:

  • Allowed in cabin but not in check-in

Items of precious nature such as jewelry, precious stones, etc are allowed only in cabin baggage. Similarly, important documents shall also be carried in person in the cabin. The airlines does not suggest such important things, which are also not dangerous for others, to be carried in the cabin luggage. Indigo allows only those food items inside cabin which are non-oily and non-smelly in nature.

  • Allowed in check-in but not in cabin

Most of the items which could cause inconvenience or cause harm to passengers or airplane are not allowed in cabin luggage. These items could be as simple as sports and musical instruments, LED TVs, liquor, liquids of more than 100ml volume, kitchenware, knives, etc have to be taken in check-in.

  • Not allowed either in check-in or in cabin luggage

Some of the items such as inflammable gas, pressured containers, corrosion-causing substances, etc which are potential dangers to passengers and airplane are not allowed in board.

IndiGo airlines strictly follows the guidelines issued by IATA and follows its best practices in this respect. It is always better to seek prior information about which all items can be checked in and which all can be carried in cabin only. Feel free to ask your queries to us.