Indigo ATR Flights Meeting Regional Connectivity

Indigo, the largest Indian carrier in terms of market share, has begun boosting the regional connectivity of Tier II and Tier III cities within India. As a part of this initiative, it has procured smaller ATR airplanes and launched the first flight using ATR plane from Hyderabad to Mangalore on December 20, 2017.
Recently, it has also launched ATR flights from Rajamahendravarman (formerly Rajamundry) to Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Chennai. These flights will begin operation from December 22. The frequency of these flights would be 2 flights daily from Rajamahendravarman to Hyderabad and 1 daily from Rajamahendravarman to Bengaluru and Chennai.
The airline has plan to add 21 ATR planes to its fleet by 2019 and add 90 flights connecting 15 smaller towns and cities. This will pave the way for better air connectivity of these cities with the other domestic and international cities on its network.