Valid ID Proofs for Domestic Flights – Indigo Airlines

Whenever people have to travel by air, they require valid ID proofs to be carried along with them. In India, these valid ID proofs for domestic flights are mentioned by the DGCA and which are acceptable to all airlines, irrespective of whether these are low cost carrier or legacy carriers.


These valid proofs that have photos of the person are:

  1. Driving License: Issue by the appropriate transport authority of each State or Union Territory, driving license is acceptable as a valid identity proof.
  2. Election Voter I-Card: Issued by the Election Commission of India, the voter identity card establishes that you have the right to vote and your identity is recorded in government documents.
  3. Permanent Account Number (PAN) Card: This is issued by the Income Tax Department of Government of India for every tax assesses of the Union of India. Hence, this is valid proof.
  4. Passport: Even for domestic travel by air, passport issued by the Ministry of External Affairs holds validity as a genuine identity proof.
  5. School ID cards for Children: When it comes to infants and children there is much confusion with respect to valid ID proofs. For children below 3 years of age, the valid ID cards are their birth certificates. If these are not available, then discharge summary of mother or the certificate can be carried. It is better to have some valid ID proof for infant for the purpose of Indigo check in so that there are no hassles at the airport. For children, who are above 3 years of age, their school card is considered as a valid ID proof.
  6. ID cards issued by the government departments and undertakings or from reputed private sector organizations for its employees can also be considered as valid for identification purposes. However, which private organization can be considered as reputed is something which limits the scope of this rule. Thus, only big organizations or companies, such as Tatas, Reliance and the likewise can come under its ambit.
  7. Aadhar Cards and the e-Adhaar cards are also recognized as valid proofs.

It is important that all these proofs shall be taken in original and photocopies will not work. Printout of e-adhaar card from the government website in colored format can also be considered as valid.

Indigo Not Permitting Affidavits as Valid ID Proofs

Earlier, Indigo Airlines had accepted the affidavits made in this respect if the people did not have valid identification proof for check-in purpose, but the practice has now been discontinued (save for some rare cases). This is because that this method is likely to be misused since getting affidavits made is very easy.

Valid ID Proofs for Domestic Flights Indigo Airlines