Indigo PNR Status

Indigo Airlines or any ticketing agency which books airline tickets issues a Passenger Name Record (PNR) number which acts as a single point of reference to know the details of flight. This number shall be quoted in all communications with the airline company or the agency.
Here is what a PNR number would show:
1. Names of passengers who have to travel and classifying them as Adults, Children or Infants.
2. Email Id and Phone number used for ticket booking
3. Whether agency has been used to book tickets
4. Total value of tickets
5. Whether it is one-way, round or multi-city trip
6. Airlines operating different legs of journey
7. Fare and cabin class of service booked
8. Dates and Times of flights
9. Departure, Layover and Arrival airports
10. Total value of the ticket inclusive of all taxes, add-on services and other details

Based on your PNR number, you can:
1. Change or Modify itinerary
2. Add services, such as baggage and meals
3. Web or mobile check in
4. Seek refunds in case of ticket cancellations
5. Select or change seats

Indigo PNR Status can be used to change booking details or itinerary at by providing Email ID and Booking Reference ID under ‘View/Change Booking’ Tab in main navigation.
Similarly, it can also be used for checking in through website of Indigo by providing Email ID and Booking Reference ID under ‘Check-In’ tab.

Difference between PNR and E-ticket Number
E-ticket number is not same as the PNR number. While a PNR could be issued by an airline as well as by a travel agency, an e-ticket number is issued only by an airline. When you book an airline ticket with an agency but contact the airline for some query, you will be asked to provide the e-ticket number and not the PNR number. This is so because the latter provides record of passengers in database of agency which has booked the ticket whereas the e-ticket number shows the ticket which has been issued by airline.

9 thoughts on “Indigo PNR Status

  1. I have booked a ticket booking referance B7QJ3Z from Ahmedabad to bengaluru.I have not received email ticket confirmation.Journey date 9/3/2016. flight deprture 12.40, 6E314

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  3. I need online web checking from dubai to cochin how it is possible? I have only pnr number is it same as reference number?

  4. I have booked 2tickets with booking referance 17ZR2F and Y6N68Y for 26 th May from Agartala to Kolkata and 29 th May’17 from Kolkata to Agartala respectively but flight nos. and time has been Re-scheduled ,Now, let me know whethe,r earlier ticket will serve the purpose for boarding or i should take a print of re- scheduled tickets.

  5. i have booked my ticket under student scheme. what is a valid id card? i have one issued by my university, but my semester is over by last week of may and i,m travelling on 1st June. new registration will be in august. this is our vacation. is my card is valid?

    • This will not be taken as a valid ID for the purpose of boarding. Therefore, please take some ID which is provided in the content above.

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