Items not permitted to carry on Indigo Airlines?

Indigo is the premier airlines of India, carrying the largest number of passengers. It it said to have more than 35 percent market share, the largest of all. The carrier provides free Indigo baggage allowance for check in and cabin luggage for its passengers on domestic and international sectors. However, it prohibits the carriage of certain items on its flights. These items are basically of nature that are likely to cause harm to the fellow passenger, the airplane or luggage of other passengers.

indigo baggage allowance information


Some items of hazardous or dangerous nature are not allowed in the cabin while some others are not allowed in the check in baggage. Also, some items are not allowed on-board totally. These are mentioned below:

  • Allowed in cabin but not in check-in

Items of precious nature such as jewelry, precious stones, etc are allowed only in cabin baggage. Similarly, important documents shall also be carried in person in the cabin. The airlines does not suggest such important things, which are also not dangerous for others, to be carried in the cabin luggage. Indigo allows only those food items inside cabin which are non-oily and non-smelly in nature.

  • Allowed in check-in but not in cabin

Most of the items which could cause inconvenience or cause harm to passengers or airplane are not allowed in cabin luggage. These items could be as simple as sports and musical instruments, LED TVs, liquor, liquids of more than 100ml volume, kitchenware, knives, etc have to be taken in check-in.

  • Not allowed either in check-in or in cabin luggage

Some of the items such as inflammable gas, pressured containers, corrosion-causing substances, etc which are potential dangers to passengers and airplane are not allowed in board.

IndiGo airlines strictly follows the guidelines issued by IATA and follows its best practices in this respect. It is always better to seek prior information about which all items can be checked in and which all can be carried in cabin only. Feel free to ask your queries to us.

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  1. Can i carry a stun gun in check in luggage? I ll b travelling alone and feel the need to carry a self defense item.

  2. iam carrying my 1 yr baby ..what sort of food item can i pack ..can i pack extra bottle of boiled water for my baby and curd rice etc

    • You can carry food items which are not oily, smelly or messy in nature. You can take medicines but shall ideally be accompanied by doctor prescription.

  3. Hello Indigo Team,

    I would be travelling from Hyderabad to Bangalore carrying a new electric appliance which is a triple base warming station (slow cooker) stove which also has 3 ceramic pots and glass lids packed as it is bought from the store – It also has hard cardboard packing from inside to prevent it from breaking & I am also planning to bubble wrap it for extra safety – Can I check-in this in check-in baggage? Please respond ASAP.

    Many thanks – Rahul G

    • This website is not related to Indigo Airlines but we do provide information for its flights. You can take this baggage in check in if it meets the size and weight limits of check-in baggage.

          • I am travelling from chennai to singapore in september. how much we can carry tetra pack milk or juices per person in per baggage. It should be in check in baggage or cabin baggage?
            Childrens fever cold cough syrup allowed in check in baggage or hand baggage.
            Thermometer allowed?

  4. Hi,

    Can I carry my trimmer and nail cutter in the check in baggage. Also I will be carrying hand crafted wooden comb and metal bell bought from a village fair in my check in luggage. Is it fine ? Please suggest me.

  5. Hi Admin

    I have some salagramas (deities and very valuable to me) and a digital SLR camera with spare battery to carry. Also about 2 litres of water from the Ganga in a bisleri water bottle (maybe in check-in ).

    Where should I place these? Check-in or cabin?

    Also can we carry our mobiles in Airplane mode in cabin? Thanks

    • Deities can also be taken in cabin but will depend on the size of the deity and whcih material it is made from. Airline people at airport will take a final call on this. Mobiles can be carried in cabin.

  6. Can someone carry betel nuts in check in baggage??As my parents are senior citizen ,they used to eat a lot of paan…can they carry all this stuff??

  7. I am going to ahmedabad for training .i need to take 3 small bottles of capsules for my health purpose. Can I carry those in my luggage

  8. I am going to Cochin from Chennai. I have my DSLR in a separate camera bag. Can I bring it with me with my hand luggage ?

  9. Can i get home packed sandwich and cookies or snacks or restaurant packed fried rice in cabin for international flights of 4-5 hour? If yes what packing it should be? plastic or alluminium foil.

    • You can take it so long as it does not smell too much and is not likely to create mess in cabin. Make the packing secure using the best possible way.

  10. Hi, I have two gold fish which I am carrying in baggage with in a small container as it is max 2 hrs journey. Will that be allowed by Indigo airlines and security personal? Please reply ASAP. Thanks!!

  11. I will be traveling to Kolkata from New Delhi today & carrying only one bag with few books.Can I carry folding umbrella along with it in the cabin?Pls answer ASAP! Thanks!

  12. I have to carry medicated shampoo and 2 small medicine bottles (liquid in nature). I do have a doctor’s prescription. Can i carry it in check-in luggage?

  13. I would like to know if a remote controlled toy car is fine to carry in the cabin?. It is in mint condition and the box is a bit big to get into my check-in.

  14. Hello Forum,
    I will be travelling from Ahmedabad to Mumbai in Indigo flight. Can I take ceiling fan in properly pack box aling with me (in baggage).

  15. Hi indigo airlines……I am traveling from Kolkata to Trivandrum on 29 September ,2016 at 6:10 am flight.Since o am going to Trivandrum for my job at TCS .SO for that reason i need to carry internet facilities like jiofi with me. So can u please tell me where to carry this device .

    • This can be best taken in checkin baggage. However, if the airline officials are convinced that this will not be a safety hazard for passengers, they might also allow it in cabin baggage.

  16. hey ,
    i want to carry an electric iron and a scientific calculator .. is it allowed either in cabin or check in ? Kindly reply ASAP… Thanks in advance

  17. I am travelling to Dubai. I wish to carry few foodstuffs like wafers, dry snacks and dry sweet packet with me as gift. Can I carry that in cabin luggage?
    Also, I want to know that can I carry two handbags limited upto 7 kgs as check in as in 1 laptop bag and 1 purse consisting this snacks?
    Also, I want to know that in check-in luggage, can I keep my hair straightener machine?
    And How much Kgs I am allowed on my check in luggage for Dubai ?

  18. Hi,
    I have 2 liquor bottles brought as souvenir by my brother . I want to take them along with me. Am I allowed to take them and put them in check-in baggage. Do I need some extra packing for the same. Or any documents.

  19. Hi,
    Can I Carey my flutes packed in a pvc pipe along with a backpack as cabin baggage?
    The flute case will exceed the length limits, but bredth and width are comparatively small.

    • No, hookah is not prohibited. It can be taken in check in baggage. However, if it is deemded to be odd-size, special handling charge of Rs 1000 might be levied. Airline officials at airport will have final say.

  20. I want to carry my dslr in cabin. Will they allow my camera’s battery after checking it or will I be asked to remove it? If it is going to be removed can I check in it?


  22. Please help me, I am 11th standard school boy & I am travelling alone within india , having lack of government I’d card. I can travel by using cbse 10 I’d proof and my 10th mark sheet issued by cbse. What can be my I’d proof in lack adhar card and school I’d card. Help me please

  23. Hi,

    I’ll have my 6 month old baby travelling with me. Can I carry his medicines in the cabin baggage? I have the prescriptions with me.
    They are mostly syrups in bottles and nebulization repsules.


  24. I am travelling from Dubai to Mumbai. Can I carry 6 bottles of perfumes and 5 bottles of body lotion with me to gift everyone. Also, I want to carry one digi cam with me to mumbai. Can all this be kept in checked in luggage? Would I be allowed in Mumbai duty-free or I need to pay some duty ?

  25. Can we carry uncooked rice and other dry eatables in the checked in baggage of a domestic Indigo flight? Thanks – Rajarshi.

  26. Hi I am traveling to Ahmadabad by Indigo flight,
    I want to carry induction stove & electric cooker,
    Pls confirm can I carry the both in cabin or check in

  27. Should I pack the lithium battery of my DSLR in check in as I plan to have the camera body and lenses in cabin? Will I face any problems later as without battery camera can’t be used if security asks later to check?
    Can I take chocolates like silk, dairy milk and candies like sugar and tamarind in cabin?
    How do I take a 4 feet golf umbrella?
    Can I take 20000 & 10000 mah powerbanks in check in or cabin?
    Can I take 200ml bottles of shampoo, shower gel in check in?
    Pls help.

    • Shampoo, shower gel allowed in check in. Powerbanks to be carried in cabin. Lithium batteries need to be packed separately but not allowed in checkin. Golf umbrella to be taken in check in ( if it is considered oversized, you might be asked to pay Rs 1000 for it). Chocolates are not encouraged in cabin due to risk of spoilage and messy nature.

    • Hi
      I will be travelling with my 6 months old baby is baby stroller allowed and if its is allowed how much will i be charged for it.
      Also can carry a flask of hot water to prepare my baby’s feed.

      • Indigo allows strollers till cabin gate for infants. From there, these are taken to the check in hold and given back on arrival at the airport. You will not be allowed to take hot water inside cabin. This will be provided inside the cabin itself.

  28. I would be carrying a metal candle holder, i.e., a gift. Please clarify if it would be allowed in check-in and cabin. Also, should I keep it in my luggage or hand-bag ? If I keep it in my luggage, would I be asked to open my luggage bag ?

    • No more than 100 ml allowed in cabin. Airlines officials shall not mistake it for liquor or alcoholic substance since these are not allowed in cabin at all.

  29. Hi,

    Can I carry the below for my infant in Cabin luggage?
    1. Feeding bottle with milk
    2. Feeding bottle with water
    3. Sealed tetra packs of milk

    • 1. Only 100 ml liquid quantity inside cabin. 2. Hot water is not allowed in cabin.. You can get it from the cabin crew. So, take some formula milk powder and ask for hot water from the crew to prepare the infant feed.

    • Allowed only in check in baggage. If the airline officials at airport find it to be odd-sized, there could be a special handling charge of Rs 1000.

  30. Hi
    Can I carry veg chopper (electrical) kitchenware during my domestic flight journey next week
    as cabin luggage .
    Please revert .

  31. Hello,
    I ll be travelling DEL-LKO. I want to carry my amla juice and aloevera juice of 1litre each (seal broken for consumption). Will they be allowed in check-in ?
    Also my check-in baggage would contain grooming kits and doc-prescribed tubes, gel and creams…
    Kindly enlighten..

  32. Can my hand bag contains a few vitamin tablets, clacium tablets, digestive enzyme capsules…basically tablets for general health which need no prescription

  33. Dear Sir,
    I am going to travel by Indigo flight after 2 days.
    Can I take Remote Speaker with me which has dry battery cell inside it ? Pl. reply me urgent. Thanks

    • These shall be carried in cabin baggage in open condition since you might be asked to open the baggage to show to security or airline staff at airport.

  34. Dear Sir,
    I have to travel thro’ Indigo Air. I have Remote Blue tooth Speaker of small size which has dry cell in it. Can I carry it with me in cabin baggage or shall I keep it in Check in Baggage ? Your urgent response is requested. Thanks.

  35. Is powerbank (portable charger) allowed in domestic flights in check in or cabin baggage?
    Please reply as soon as possible.

  36. I am kidney transplant patient, can I carry my medicine (liquid syrup of 500ml),capsule,tablet 1ltr of water bottle & home made food in cabin baggage???

    • Well packed oil in check in baggage can be allowed up to a max of 1 litre. This has been informed by airline itself. However, it would be better to avoid taking it.

    • If weight is within size limits but the kit is of such size which requires special handling, then Rs 1000 would be charged extra.

  37. ls there any limit in cash carry in domestic flight?what is the baggage weight limit?can l carry my phone and digicam with me in cabin?

    • 15 kg is the check in baggage allowance limit per person. Airline does not prescribe any limitations on carrying cash. Phone and Digicam can be carried in cabin luggage.

  38. i have not weighed my bag. is there any facility of weighing machine at airport entrance and decide whether i want to put bag in cabin or checkin luggage.

  39. We r a group of 20 and flying to cold place we thought of taking Dr Brandy with and and some other miniatures , is it possible for us to get in check- in luggage.

  40. Hi,

    I need to carry a medicene (liquid) it is eye drops and needs to be stored at low temperatures . the liquid itself is very small in volume but will be in smal plastic tubes . I have the prescription for this and will be carrying it along. Can I take this in my cabin baggage ?


  41. Hi,
    I have a DSLR camera, can I carry it with me on the cabin in addition to the hand baggage or do I have to put it into my hand baggage?
    I have read that battery has to be packed separately, but can I carry it with me on the cabin or not?
    Is it possible to carry on the cabin a little bag in addition to the hand baggage?

    • Battery has to be carried in cabin only. Total weight of the cabin baggage shall not exceed 7 kg even when you wish to take a camera or a hand bag with you.

  42. Hi Team
    Can I take my protein powder 5lb from delhi to Chennai Indigo flight in cabin baggage because I have only 2 small bag to travel. I don’t want to wait for luggage on airport

    • Airline officials at airport to have final say on this after seeing the product. However, generally speaking, we do not think, they would allow for its carriage in cabin.

  43. Hi Team,

    Can I take sealed packets of Pickles (Lemon, Raw Mango ) in Check In luggage in Indigo Airlines International Flight ???

  44. Can I carry 200ml shampoo bottlle, 100 g conditioner bottle, 300ml moisturiser bottle, face wash, toothpaste, soap in my cabin bag? Plz reply ASAP

  45. Hello, I’ll be travelling in Indigo Airlines. I’m travelling to Goa.
    AmI I allowed to take
    1. Electric hair straightner?
    2.Shampoo,conditioner, serum, cream?
    3. Small mirror?
    Please specify which of the items can be carried in both check-in and cabin luggage, and which are restricted only to one category.

  46. Need to carry about 50mL of Dr. Brandy in Check-in luggage. Will not be sealed but repacked. Is it possible to carry it in Handbag or only check-in will be permitted?

    • Liquor not allowed in cabin. Even in check in, it is better to carry it in sealed condition. Airline officials to have final say on whether to permit unsealed one or not. Most likely, it will not be allowed.

  47. Can i carry a packet of sweetmeat and a small box of chocolate in cabin luggage in an indigo flight from kolkata to delhi?

  48. Hi,

    I am a Electronics product based startup founder , I created a electronics prototype which i have to carry with me so its allowed or not? Its very important for me to carry because I have meeting with some investors in delhi , so i have to show my product to them.

    • Hi,

      I am a Electronics product based startup founder , I created a electronics prototype which i have to carry with me so its allowed or not? Its very important for me to carry because I have meeting with some investors in delhi , so i have to show my product to them. if its allowed so can i take in Handbag or only check-in ???

    • This would be allowed for sure. The product could be taken either in check in or in the cabin baggage, as per the discretion of the airline officials at the airport.

  49. CaN I carry external hard disk,umbrella,extension cable ,sub woofer and packaged food items in the cabin or check in baggage? Please reply..

    • Packed food items in non-oily, non-smelly nature can be taken in cabin luggage. Other items to be carried in check in baggage.

  50. I am a chef. I carry my kitchen kit which includes many knives in checked in baggage. This time i need to carry a blowtorch with me. How should i carry it?

  51. Hi Indigo

    Can I carry my perfume (about 70 ml now; originally 100 ml), my moisturiser (40 ml) and my mouth washer ( 70 ml) all in my cabin luggage. I am travelling light this time and therefore do not want to check my back pack in.

    As far as my knowledge goes, up to 1 Litre in liquid is allowed provided they are packed in 100 ml bottles each. So, my next question, will I get transparent plastic bags at the airport? I am flying from Chennai to Guwahati and back.

    • While it it true that you can take liquids upto 1 litre in cabin baggage with no package more than 100ml, it does not mean that you would be allowed to take all types of liquids on board. The items you have mentioned would not be allowed in cabin since these are smelly items which can cause inconvenience to other passengers.

  52. May I carry ayurvedic medicines (liquid form) and liquor on the flight ? what is permissible quantity for both and as check-in or cabin baggage ? Hope other medicines/ tablet are allowed otherwise ?

    • Liquor not allowed in cabin. Medicines allowed in cabin but with accompanying doctor prescription. Else, you can take these in check in baggage. Liquor upto 5 litres is allowed in check in baggage but it has to be in sealed condition. Medicines are allowed in check in baggage as well.

  53. I am travelling with my wife and an infant, so can I club my luggage into a single bag with weight below 30KG (Since it is 15KG for each passenger), or do I need to carry two different bags with 15KG each ?

    • You can club check in bags for passengers travelling on same PNR. Total weight shall not exceed permitted allowance or 32 kg, whichever is higher.

    • Indigo has traditionally been following a policy of not allowing ghee in its flights. We would not recommend its carriage though we also have information that it might allow up to 1 kg in check in and in sealed condition.

  54. I’m traveling in indigo from Blore to Delhi in a week , Shall I carry shampoo bottle , body lotion , perfume spray, moisturising cream, tooth paste, body wash , face wash in my check in .. everything is half used .. while return shall I carry sweets and snacks, dry fruits

  55. Can I carry artificial jewellery in cabin hand bag ? I have my 7 year old son travelling along n we r going for a 9 days trip. I want to carry general medicine syups for him of fever, loose motion, vomiting, congestion.. Shall I need prescription for these general medicines n crocin tablets ?? Where can I keep them? in hand bag or in check-in??
    Can I carry a hicks small electronic thermometer along in check- in baggage as travelling with a kid in December end cold weather?

    • Though you do not need prescription for general medicines, but is always advisable to have one since airline officials at airport might go strictly by rule-book and seek it. You can take these medicines in hand baggage if it is with prescription. Yes, thermometer can be taken in check in baggage.

  56. I mean the seal packed boxes of ready to eat dishes like veg food e.g. Dal makhni, paneer, which comes in sealed packs by haldiram’s namkeen brand. So can u carry them in check-in or cabin luggage?

  57. Hello admin, can I carry foods like fried rice and chicken in electron tiffin box? I will be on flight only for 2 and half hour. Can I take this?

  58. Though I’m flying from Mumbai to Bagdogra .. for my Christmas holidays.. planning to carry few candles for my family and church … my question is is it possible to carry candles on my luggage ?

    Thx in advance ..

  59. can I carry my car remote key and 1 ltr of fruit juice while boarding? if yes, plz explain whether in cabin or check-in?

  60. Hi
    I will be traveling from vizag to Hyderabad for my kids birthday. How much of gold can I carry in check in? Is there a limit?

  61. I am travelling with my 6 month old. Can I carry any of the following as cabin baggage
    1. infant capsule or car seat
    2. Stroller

    And is the seatbelt compatable with car seat or capsule if I book a seat for my baby.

    • Strollers are not allowed in cabin. Infants have to be seated in the laps of adults. So, you will be allowed to take the strollers etc till cabin gate only.

  62. Hi

    I want to carry Milton Steel Water Bottle, Dry fruits(Cashews, Almonds,etc) . Are these items allowed? If yes, then where should I keep it checked in baggage or hand baggage.

    Sourav Mohanty

  63. Can I carry CPAP machine in my checked in baggage? It’s a small machine helps breathing during sleep and is used by sleep apnea sufferers. I don’t intend to use it on the flight, but I need to use it in the destination. Am I allowed to carry it?

    • yes, it can be taken in check in. You can even take it in cabin along with supporting medical docs if there is a need to use it on-board.

    • Chocolate might not be allowed in cabin luggage. Even tongue clearner might be objected to. Power bank is allowed in cabin only.

  64. Bronze Metal Sample piece measuring 112x78x60 weighing around 2.5kgs allowed in cabin or not travelling to Ahmedabad from Bengaluru.

  65. 1) can i carry eletric induction stove in check in luggage
    2) is it permitted to ophave 7 kg wt personal dress matterial and one laptop in hand bag

  66. Hi,
    i am going to travel from kolkata to imphal, Are this things allow to carry in cabin luggage like ladies cosmetic item , wet tissue and fresh fruit Apple? Please reply.

      • Thanks for the reply. And one more question we are traveling 4 people total same flight same time but different ticket . we can use 60 kg in check in and cabin luggage 28 kg is it alright.

  67. hi! i am a national level shooter and i need to travel to and back from delhi to pune this month. I will be carrying my weapon with me. Just needed to clarify that the handling charges will be waived off since i am going there for a competition(as per the Aircraft (carriage of dangerous goods) rule, 2003).

    • It will be waived off but you will need to carry to relevant docs from the organizers of the competition. For details of documents, we would request you to contact the airline directly.

  68. Hi I want to take some packed sweets and beverages (Juices) for my kids from Delhi. Will airline alow this even if it can be kept in check in Option

    • Most of the dry sweets and other eatables are allowed in cabin as well. There shall not be a problem if these are properly packed.

  69. I am having Samsung Galaxy S7 edge smartphone and also my regular medicines for Hypertension.

    Can it allowed in hand baggage as no any other luggage is with me.


    • Oils are generally not allowed to be carried on board. If at all this is to be carried, it shall be taken in checkin baggage and in sealed condition.

  70. Can i be allowed steel food plates and kitchen knives small electronic water heater,small steel flask, and scissors and common medicines and trimmer

  71. Hi,
    I need to carry my electric heating pad with me on a domestic flight, is it permissible to carry it in checked in baggage?
    Also, can a small kitchen knife be carried in check in baggage as well?

  72. With me my two babies of 1 month are thier.
    We have fligjt from indore to raipur.
    Can i carry milk bottle for both
    and hot water can be provided in flights

    • This will be decided by the airline officials at airport since they would consider whether this could be harmful to passengers in any way or not. In any case, you can put it in check in baggage.

    • Digital camera and mobile phones can be taken in cabin. Water bottle of less than 100 ml quantity can also be taken. Food is also allowed in cabin but it shall be non-oily and non-smelly.

  73. Will i be allowed to take fresh fruits in check-in baggage? I know it is allowed in cabin, But need to know whether it is allowed in check-in luggage also.

    • Lithium ion batteries have a history of catching fire and if the chargers are made from these, then these would not be allowed in check in where it is not possible to take remedial measures.

  74. Hi, i would be travelling to pune from chennai and wanted to check whether i can carry my tennis racket as cabin? if not, do i need to pay separately for it to be in check-in (if it is below my check in weight). How safe is my racket during transit as it is quiet expensive around 24k.

  75. Hi, i would be travelling to pune from chennai and wanted to check whether i can carry my tennis racket as cabin? if not, do i need to pay separately for it to be in check-in (if it is below my check in weight). How safe is my racket during transit as it is quiet expensive around 24k

  76. i will have to carry my electronics related project work(will contain a circuit with compressor,sensor etc) for my college curriculum. i am not sure if that will be not be damaged if i put it in the check in baggage.. will i be allowed to carry it hand baggage?

  77. I have a Nikon DSLR camera with Nikon standard battery fitted in the battery compartment of the camera . Can I carry this camera in the cabin ?

    • IT can be carried but the battery will have to be removed and taken separately in cabin. Airline officials at airport will guide you on this.

    • Powerbanks have to be carried in cabin luggage. These are not allowed in check in. And, knitting needles allowed in check in baggage, not in cabin.

  78. I am going Qatar
    Can i carry ordinary shaving machine (steel) with check in baggage?
    Can i carry shaving blades with check in baggage?

  79. Hi admin,
    Can I carry my hair dryer,straightener in checked in baggage
    and dslr (with its bag) with my cabin luggage
    Also let me know whether I can carry my general medicines in my hand bag

    • yes, these can be taken as you have mentioned. You might be asked to remove the batteries from DSLR camera from cabin luggage. General medicines are allowed in cabin but it is better to carry a prescription for the same along.

  80. Can I carry an acoustic guitar in a soft case in cabin luggage. It is fragile and might get broken in check in luggage.

  81. Can i carry liquid mosquito repellent like goodnight and Allout liquid in check in baggage.. if yes then in how much quantity

  82. Can I carry induction plate ( electric cooking ware) in cabin luggage? It is no more than a kilo and half. Is it permissible?

  83. Can you please confirm if I can carry a Power bank of 10000 mAh to the cabin baggage. As I heard some rumors that the Power bank with more than 10000 mAh are not allowed.

  84. Can I take hoverboard (balancing wheels) in checked in luggage. I will remove its lithium batteries. Please advise if its possible.

  85. Can I carry a portable vifi hotspot device (air tel)? If yes Will it be under check in or cabin. It has a 1500 mAh battery like cellphone.

  86. Hi admin,
    if i want to take some non-smelly and non-oily food items with me,in which should i put it in either check in or cabin bag?
    please reply soon.Thanks in advance

  87. I carry a small 4 inch pocket size flashlight with me which uses 1 aa battery. Can I carry it with me in side the cabin?
    Also, a small metal spoon and fork combo allowed inside the cabin?

    • Spoon is fine but fork might not be allowed. You would not be allowed flashlight inside the cabin if this is perceived to be a problem for fellow passengers by airline officials at the airport.

  88. Is Food item like chips ,cake,snaks allowed in Check-in Bags.
    Is Deodorant is allowed in check in bag $Medicine is allowed in bag
    Comb,Face wash is whether allowed in check in bag ?

    • Yes, these items can be taken in check in baggage. Medicine can be taken in cabin or check in and it is better to carry its prescription along.

  89. Hello Admin,

    I need to know if we can carry loose cigarette not a full packet in Indigo flights?

    Please let me know, Thanks

    • It varies from food to food. However, the food which is likely to damage the other baggages kept close to it might not be allowed.

  90. Hi, if i done web check-in, then my check baggage allowed or only cabin baggage allowed. because i read it, if we done indigo web check in then only cabin bag will be allowed and check-in bag will not be allowed.
    can i carry laddus sweets in check-in baggage.

    • If you do web check in and also carry check in baggage, then you will have to drop off your check in luggage at the separate airport counter. Now, you must ascertain whether there is a facility of baggage drop-off counter or not. If there is no such facility, then you will have to be in the standard queue to get the bag tags and check-in you baggage. Laddus can be carried in check in baggage.

  91. Hello Admin,

    I have a flight from Hyd to Cochin. I am travelling with my husband & kid (Age:10). Total 3 persons.
    So, how many cabin bags & how many check-in bags allowed.

    Thanks in advance.


    • Each of you allowed 1 cabin bag of 7 kg and check in baggage of 15 kg provided this is a standard ticket and not a Lite fare ticket. Lite fare tickets allowed only 1 cabin bag of 7 kg.

  92. Hi, I am travelling to Delhi with my son on different PNR’s – Can we have a combined luggage for 30 Kgs (Checkin) & 14 Kgs (Cabin) ?
    Can we carry inflight food + beverage (coffee/ tea) or juice in flask/ pep bottles ?
    Can I do prior web-checkin to block our preferred seats, despite having check in baggage ?

  93. Hi,

    Can I carry my liquid foundation, powder, lipstick, shampoo, conditioner, serum and cosmetic items in Indigo plane?
    If yes, please advise which items can be taken as check-in and which items as cabin luggage.

    Thank you.