Indigo To Get A320neos

Indigo Airlines operates its airplanes based on single airplane fleet. From its inception, it has banked upon the reliability of A320s from the Airbus group for its operations. This is considered to be the best single aisle airliner with 180 seat configuration that permits economies of fuel efficiency. One single reason why Indigo is choosing A320neos for its next line of fleet is that it allows per-seat fuel efficiency of 20 percent over the previous model. The word ‘NEO’ refers to New Engine Option. The present A320s are now called as A320ceos, after Current Engine Option.

Indigo will shortly be having the approval of DGCA for operating these airplanes. Under the Indian civil aviation laws, airline companies have to seek approval of the regulator (DGCA) for their choice of airplanes. Indigo is expected to get this approval in first week of March, paving the way for their incorporation into its fleet. After their incorporation, the airline fleet will further help in cutting down fuel consumption which will help in meeting climate change concerns as well as be able to offer cheaper air ticket to the customers.

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