Indigo Fast Forward Service – Priority Boarding

Indigo Fast Forward Service - Priority Boarding

Indigo Airlines has clear rules on check in times and process. Passengers are required to meet the timelines mentioned for checking in from different media- website, mobile app or at airport. Besides, Indigo also follows a policy of priority check-in and boarding to certain passengers. Though this service is extended on courteous and humanitarian grounds, it can also be availed for by paying some extra charges.

Indigo allows priority boarding for passengers with infants and those requiring special assistance. However, even normal passengers can now pay Rs 400 to get this service and also to have their bags out on arrival ahead of the others. The aim of airline is to prevent people from waiting for their baggage and get it faster than co-passengers.

This is also one of the ways to earn ancillary revenue for the airline. Other ways of earning revenue being preferred seating charges, paid meals, etc.

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  1. My friend book my air ticket n by mistake she put my wrong name with my last name which is different from my id proof name so what should i do…. Plz suggest urgent

  2. How to avail fast forward facility. On an average how much time it will take to check out from the flight till the exit door using the fast forward facility. I have just 1.45 hours to catch a train in New delhi.

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