Indigo Airport Check In

IndiGo Domestic Flights

Opening Time: 2 hours before departure of flight.

Closing Time: 45 minutes before departure of flight

Boarding gates close 25 minutes before flight departure.

Travel Documents needed:

  • Print-out of travel itinerary and a valid photo ID proof
  • Credit/Debit card, or its photocopy thereof, used for ticket booking

Valid Photo ID proofs:

  • Valid Passport,
  • Valid DL,
  • Voter Card,
  • PAN Card,
  • Photo Identity Card issued by government or reputed private sector organizations,
  • School identification cards or any other photo ID proof for children,
  • Valid birth certificates of Infant(s)

IndiGo International Flights

Opening Time: 4 hours before departure of flight.

Closing Time: 75 minutes before departure of flight

Boarding gates close 45 minutes before flight departure.

Valid Photo ID proof is only Passport for all flights originating or terminating outside India (for all passengers including infants and children). Valid Visa docs shall also be shown, if needed.

However, for citizens of India, if the travel is to/from Nepal, then valid photo ID proofs, besides passport, can also be a Voted ID card, Birth Certificate or School ID for children or Birth Certificate of Infants.

Airline might also ask passengers to show the Debit or Credit card used to make the payment. Hence, either these or their photocopies shall be carried at the airport.

For foreign nationals travelling to Imphal, there is a need to carry a Protected Area Permit which is issued by Home Department of Manipur after approval of Ministry of Home, Government of India. If this is not carried, IndiGo can deny boarding and forfeit the entire amount.

36 thoughts on “Indigo Airport Check In

  1. Kids who do not have passport and have not been issued a new session school ID card may not be able to travel via indigo. I have faced this situation where the call center representative was asking for a bona fide certificate per policy, to be available, even though previous session is ending March 2016 (Delhi), which is difficult to produce during summer vacation period when schools close down for the break (post mid May). Indigo should allow based on all relevant other proofs combined if required (e.g. birth certificate + previous ID) so as not to cause inconvenience to people.

  2. Can a child not having a photo identity proof travel along with guardians? The child is 5 years old and I don’t want to claim any fare concession for the child.

    • You do need to have some identity proof of the child. It can be a school ID card. It is not related to child fares.

      • I had inquired with the CISF staff at the airport, they suggested that if airlines permits then the child can travel without any sort of ID Proof. I don’t have school ID Card. I didn’t book the ticket due to this confusion. Shall I proceed with the booking?

  3. I have my e-aadhar card…i have taken it out from net
    Will it be valid at the time of check in and other places
    Or i have my college id will it be valid?
    I m 19yrs old

  4. Hi, I want to travel Kathmandu from New Delhi.
    I do have voter ID card from Karnataka. But my kids don’t have any other ID. They only have aadhar card and birth certificate.
    Will it be fine????


  5. Hi, I am traveling on domestic flights of Indigo with my family. We have submitted our passports for visa processing at Philippines Embassy through my office, and at the time of travel only I (primary traveller) have PAN card as identity proof (while my wife and son only have photocopies of passport). Will we be allowed to travel with this identity proof arrangement?

    • For this you need to contact the airline and apprise them of the situation. In our view, the original valid ID docs are important.

  6. My friend name on the ticket is SONAKSHI MEHLAWAT
    but in the ID proof it is SONAKSHI SINGH or SONKASHI ..can she travel with that ticket?

    • There will be problems. Please speak to airline and bring this to their notice. They will seek the right docs and can change the name

  7. Hi. I m traveling from Dubai to Chennai to Madurai this month. Can I carry 2 whiskey bottle in check in baggage? in chennai to madurai domestic Indigo flight.

    • Airlines do not have a problem in carriage of whiskey in check-in baggage. But, since this is being brought from another country, you need to check for the duties, if applicable, with the customs.

  8. Can we carry Condoms and lube in domestic flight ? And if yes, it should be kept in checked in buggage or hand buggage ??

  9. Hi, we are flying on 19Sep. From Delhi to Agartala to attend the wedding and we are Nepali Citizens. Before I booked tickets I talked to customer care twice and mentioned them that we have only the Nepali citizenship cards and voter ID but we DO NOT HAVE PASSPORTS. They said you can travel with these documents. But still I am worried that we may need to face problems at the airport when we go. So my question is can Nepali Citizens travel in India with their Voter ID and Citizenship card? Please consider it because we are groom’s family from Nepal and marrying a Indian girl.

  10. I am chandrodhayam 22
    I have my long size Aadhaar card without photo id attached below .
    And I don’t have any other government Id in my hand it’s in my Collage hostel .
    I can take my birth certificate?

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