Doha would be the Next Foreign Destination of IndiGo

Indigo has the plans to launch flights to Doha from New Delhi in this year. The airline flies to Dubai and Muscat in the Gulf region. Other foreign destinations that it reaches are Bangkok, Kathmandu and Singapore with a total of about 210 weekly flights. Dubai is the most connected one as it can be reached from 7 Indian cities at present.
Doha flights are operated by full service carriers Air India Express and Jet Airways at present. And, it is essentially from the southern region that these flights are operated. So, it makes a big decision to launch flights to Doha. Naturally, the current airlines operating on this route are expected to feel the heat as IndiGo is known for highly professional and customer-centric no-frills approach to aviation.
For the benefit of readers let us mention that IndiGo earns 10 percent of its revenue from foreign operations and there are many destinations which are lying unexplored. Whether IndiGo will be able to turn it into a success story is a matter of speculation since the allocated capacity to the existing airline operators to Doha has not been fully utilized. However, it must also be mentioned that none of the current Indian carriers flying to Doha are low cost carriers. So, the market potential will be tested with the entry of IndiGo.
Since it will operate from New Delhi, which has a vast hinterland, there will be a boost to trade and commerce and even to tourism.

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