Compensation for lost baggage on Indigo Flights

Airlines allow carriage of baggage in cabin and in check-in luggage. Generally, the allowance of cabin is less and is determined on the basis of availability of space for keeping it without causing inconvenience to fellow passengers. Generally, it is kept in the overhead cabins or stowed under the seats inside the cabin. However, a higher allowance is provided for carrying baggage in check-in hold. There could be instances when the baggage gets lost. So, what are the rights of passengers whose luggage is lost by the airline?

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Liability for Domestic Flights

As per the rules of Indigo Airlines, and in accordance with the provisions of the Carriage by Air Act, 1972, the liability of the carrier is limited in case of loss of check-in baggage. There is no liability for loss of cabin baggage and the liability is only for check-in baggage. The liability for loss of check-in baggage is limited to Rs 350 per kg subject to a maximum of Rs 20000.

Another rider is that this liability arises on condition that the loss was due to negligence or as a result of action or inaction of the airline. If, however, the passenger is found to be negligent, then the liability reduces or does not arise at all.

Liability for International Flights

The liability in case of international flights is to be governed by either Montreal Convention of 1999 or Warsaw Convention of 1929. This liability comes to USD 9.07 per pound or USD 20 per kg for loss of check-in baggage and Rs 350 per kg for damage of checked baggage.

This rule is applicable even for domestic legs of international flights.

34 thoughts on “Compensation for lost baggage on Indigo Flights

  1. HI,
    I am Mir Zaheeruddin Ali Khan on 19th Aug 2016 i took flight from Dubai to Hyderabad i put 2 check in baggage but only 1 came other one didnt come please contact me on 09395150910.


      • I am Anuj Saini , I took Indigo flight 6E 6726 from Bangalore to Delhi on 30/5/2017. My check in baggage one number did not received at Delhi airport .
        I made complaint at Indigo customer care at airport .
        Please contact on 9810316578 / 7982200411 /9717449812

  2. I travelled on 8th Oct16 from Bangalore to Hyderabad by 6E316 . My bag containing important books and study material did not arrive . Complaint was lodged soon after . There is no feedback from Indigo despite our continuos follow up. I need it immediately

  3. Hi,

    I am Prerana Das. I travelled on 16th oct 2016 from Gauhati to Bengaluru in flight number 6E 389. My trolley bag containing some valuables didn’t arrived on reaching Bengaluru. Immediately complaint has been launched at arrival cell bengaluru with indigo airlines.It has been two days and still I didn’t receive any information on the status of my lost baggage despite my continous follow up. I need my baggage immediately.

  4. Hi..checked in baggage did not arrive on the Flight Del-Patna..lodged a complaint..been 3 days nw and no location on the Luggage..
    Really unacceptable..
    Will not recommend or travel Indigo again..
    Very unprofessional..

    • Unfortunately, loss of baggage is one of the biggest challenges of airline industry. Please keep following up with the airline or seek compensation for lost baggage.

  5. Hi,
    My sister travelled IAhmedabadn indigo flight number (6E 683 Ahmedabad to Delhi and 6E 605 Delhi to kolkata) to Kolkata (1stop Delhi).

    Her trolly bag that she has submitted in checking not arrived and shs suddenly report kolkata Airport indigo they called Ahmedabad Airport Indigo but they not able trace the checkin baggage.

    I also contact with Indigo custimer care and everytime they are saying we have emailed airport authority and we will update you once baggage found.

    Colud you please suggested me where i can contact to get my loss baggage. It has been 5 days passed to loss loss baggage.

    • Loss of baggage is, unfortunately, a common problem in airline industry. Please follow up with the airline for compensation, if it is not found.

  6. Hi,

    This is Snehanjali.I travelled on 30 Nov 2016 from Bengaluru to Bhubaneswar in flight number 6E 3369. My trolley bag containing some valuables didn’t arrived on
    reaching Bengaluru. Immediately complaint has been launched at arrival cell Bhubaneswar with indigo airlines.
    It has been about 1 day and still I didn’t receive any information on the status of my lost baggage despite my continous follow up.
    I need my baggage immediately.

  7. I am kabita Sahoo.I traveled Delhi to Bhubaneswar on 28th Nov by 6E 887.I lost my 1 bag.No response from costomer care.Please help me.

  8. I am Kumar Santosh Dev who travelled from Patna to Kolkata on 6th Dec’2016 through Indigo flight no. 6E 708 vide PNR NO. B5P9NI. I lost my Brown colour Jacket of ALLEN SOLY MAKE at Patna Airport Chanakya Lounge. the material is located and is lying with Airline staff at Patna Airport. Kindly arrange to hand over to me after duely retrieving it at Kolkata. I give below my contact no. so that you can inform me after receiving it at Kolkata Airport.
    Thanking you in anticipation.


  9. I am Kalaiarasu. I travelled from Delhi To Coimbatore on 4th December 2016 through flight 6E 6213. PNR – WGJ9MK. I have dropped two check-in baggage in Delhi airport and one of my baggage was not delivered in Coimbatore. I have file the property irregularity report regarding the same right at that time. Its been 11 days now and I am not getting any status of my baggage. I am deeply disappointed with your customer service. Last week your staffs sent me a list of pictures to find my baggage in that. I have identified and confirmed my baggage. At that time, they assured to deliver the baggage in one or two days. Five days since and I am not getting any information. I have all my important office stuffs in that baggage. Could you please arrange to deliver my baggage as soon as possible.

    • Sir, please note that we are not related to the airline in any manner. We are a simple informative site. PLease speak to the airline in this respect. They will assist you.

  10. Is a selfie stick, and power bank allowed in the check in Bag? And is it required to declare that I am carrying the DSLR camera while travelling from Mumbai to Goa?

  11. PNR – OBP2FJ
    I checkedin 2 baggages. Only one came. I lodged complaint at Coimbatore. I have not received any status of my missing baggage. I have copy of the complaint lodged.
    My calls are being unanswered. My further travel plans to Ooty are stalled spoiling my vacation planned.
    Advice me on…
    1) How to get status of my bag ?
    2) How to claim compensation of Rs 20,000.00

  12. Dear Team ,

    I have a Red and black Duffel Bag. I have placed all my luggage during the Check in at patna Airport . The supporting Staff has missed my bag during the Check. You can check the CC TV camera for any reference. Because we have placed the baggage correctly. Please take this as a high note been trying to follow for very long time. My travel was on 5th May 2017 . I took the indigo flight from patna at 6.15 PM and reached kolkata @ 7,20 PM . After from Kolkate i took the indigo flight at 11.15 PM and reached Chennai @ 1.30 AM . Please contact me @ 7401182454 for any reference.
    05May17 18:35 17:50 Patna Kolkata 6E 342 19:35
    05May17 23:10 22:25 Kolkata Chennai 6E 584 01:35

    • Please contact the airline directly. We are not related to the airline, so can not help in this matter. We just provide the information.

  13. Travelled from Kolkata to Bhubaneshwar for Business Trip by 6E 375, but not received Checked In baggage yet. Forced to buy some Attires for normal works. At present Indigo could trace the bag & likely to be delivered at my Hotel today late evening after almost 40 hour! Please suggest how to claim the spends I had to incur….

  14. Hi, I am Amit Khetan and boarded flight from bangalore to kolkata 6E339 on 12th November, 2017. My both check in luggage is missing.

  15. Can cremation remains (Asthi) be carried in a ceramic container in cabin baggage when travelling for the purpose of for Asthi Visarjan?

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