DGCA Asks Indigo To Replace PW Engines

The Civil Aviation regulator in India, the Director General of Civil Aviation, has asked Indigo Airlines to replace the Pratt & Whitney engines within 15 days. The ruling comes because of the existing engines having worked for more than 2900 hours. This ruling will be applicable to A320neo airlines and to 16 of such airplanes. These airplanes have two engines and the DGCA directive says that at least one engine will need to be replaced.

DGCA found that there were three in-flight engine shutdown in the month of October which prompted it to direct the Indigo Airlines to do the needful.

New Flights

Indigo airlines has launched a new flight service from Trichy to Hyderabad and Bengaluru.

  Depart Depart Time Arrive Arrive Time
6E 7116 Hyderabad 9:05 PM Trichy 11:30 PM
6E 7117 Trichy 11:50 PM Hyderabad 2:10 AM
  Bengaluru 5:30 PM Trichy 6:50 PM
  Trichy 7:30 PM Bengaluru 8:50 PM


Indigo also launched a new flight under UDAN Scheme from Hyderabad to Mysuru (Mandakalli Airport) for all days of week using its ATR 72 airplanes. These planes are capable of seating 70 passengers. Price of flight ticket is Rs 2650 per person.

Indigo ATR Flights Meeting Regional Connectivity

Indigo, the largest Indian carrier in terms of market share, has begun boosting the regional connectivity of Tier II and Tier III cities within India. As a part of this initiative, it has procured smaller ATR airplanes and launched the first flight using ATR plane from Hyderabad to Mangalore on December 20, 2017.
Recently, it has also launched ATR flights from Rajamahendravarman (formerly Rajamundry) to Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Chennai. These flights will begin operation from December 22. The frequency of these flights would be 2 flights daily from Rajamahendravarman to Hyderabad and 1 daily from Rajamahendravarman to Bengaluru and Chennai.
The airline has plan to add 21 ATR planes to its fleet by 2019 and add 90 flights connecting 15 smaller towns and cities. This will pave the way for better air connectivity of these cities with the other domestic and international cities on its network.

Indigo Will Have to Operate from Terminal 1 and 2 of Delhi Airport

In a blow to Indigo airlines, its assertion that partial movement of its flights from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2 of the Delhi will cause inconvenience to the passengers and that DIAL has not been reasonable in asking it to make the shift, the Delhi High Court has ruled that taking care of passengers inconvenience is as much the responsibility of DIAL as well. The Court has asked Indigo to comply with the DIAL order as the existing capacity of the Terminal has been utilised and the airline has plan to have more capacity.
Indigo will now have to shift some of its operations to the new Terminal. In doing so, the existing low cost structure would be hit as additional costs would have to be incurred. The airline is required to make arrangements to shift some of its flights to Terminal 2 and begin operating these by first week of January 2018.
Passengers are requested to check whether their flights arrives/departs to/from Terminal 1 or 2, and also be prepared for some inadvertent increase in fares.

Indigo Launches 18 New Non-stop Flights

Indigo airlines has announced launch of 18 new non-stop flights just ahead of the onset of winters. 6 of these flights will be operating on daily basis whereas the others would be flying only on Sundays. The schedule of their operation is from October 29, 2017 to March 24, 2018.

DELHI DUBAI 16:15 18:20
DUBAI DELHI 6:45 11:45
MUMBAI LUCKNOW 11:40 14:15
LUCKNOW MUMBAI 14:50 17:05
DEHRADUN DELHI 08:00 09:00
MUMBAI LUCKNOW 09:20 11:40
LUCKNOW MUMBAI 12:20 14:45

Indigo Fast Forward Service – Priority Boarding

Indigo Fast Forward Service - Priority Boarding

Indigo Airlines has clear rules on check in times and process. Passengers are required to meet the timelines mentioned for checking in from different media- website, mobile app or at airport. Besides, Indigo also follows a policy of priority check-in and boarding to certain passengers. Though this service is extended on courteous and humanitarian grounds, it can also be availed for by paying some extra charges.

Indigo allows priority boarding for passengers with infants and those requiring special assistance. However, even normal passengers can now pay Rs 400 to get this service and also to have their bags out on arrival ahead of the others. The aim of airline is to prevent people from waiting for their baggage and get it faster than co-passengers.

This is also one of the ways to earn ancillary revenue for the airline. Other ways of earning revenue being preferred seating charges, paid meals, etc.

Valid ID Proofs for Domestic Flights – Indigo Airlines

Whenever people have to travel by air, they require valid ID proofs to be carried along with them. In India, these valid ID proofs for domestic flights are mentioned by the DGCA and which are acceptable to all airlines, irrespective of whether these are low cost carrier or legacy carriers.


These valid proofs that have photos of the person are:

  1. Driving License: Issue by the appropriate transport authority of each State or Union Territory, driving license is acceptable as a valid identity proof.
  2. Election Voter I-Card: Issued by the Election Commission of India, the voter identity card establishes that you have the right to vote and your identity is recorded in government documents.
  3. Permanent Account Number (PAN) Card: This is issued by the Income Tax Department of Government of India for every tax assesses of the Union of India. Hence, this is valid proof.
  4. Passport: Even for domestic travel by air, passport issued by the Ministry of External Affairs holds validity as a genuine identity proof.
  5. School ID cards for Children: When it comes to infants and children there is much confusion with respect to valid ID proofs. For children below 3 years of age, the valid ID cards are their birth certificates. If these are not available, then discharge summary of mother or the certificate can be carried. It is better to have some valid ID proof for infant for the purpose of Indigo check in so that there are no hassles at the airport. For children, who are above 3 years of age, their school card is considered as a valid ID proof.
  6. ID cards issued by the government departments and undertakings or from reputed private sector organizations for its employees can also be considered as valid for identification purposes. However, which private organization can be considered as reputed is something which limits the scope of this rule. Thus, only big organizations or companies, such as Tatas, Reliance and the likewise can come under its ambit.
  7. Aadhar Cards and the e-Adhaar cards are also recognized as valid proofs.

It is important that all these proofs shall be taken in original and photocopies will not work. Printout of e-adhaar card from the government website in colored format can also be considered as valid.

Indigo Not Permitting Affidavits as Valid ID Proofs

Earlier, Indigo Airlines had accepted the affidavits made in this respect if the people did not have valid identification proof for check-in purpose, but the practice has now been discontinued (save for some rare cases). This is because that this method is likely to be misused since getting affidavits made is very easy.

Valid ID Proofs for Domestic Flights Indigo Airlines

Compensation for lost baggage on Indigo Flights

Airlines allow carriage of baggage in cabin and in check-in luggage. Generally, the allowance of cabin is less and is determined on the basis of availability of space for keeping it without causing inconvenience to fellow passengers. Generally, it is kept in the overhead cabins or stowed under the seats inside the cabin. However, a higher allowance is provided for carrying baggage in check-in hold. There could be instances when the baggage gets lost. So, what are the rights of passengers whose luggage is lost by the airline?

indigo airlines baggage tags

Liability for Domestic Flights

As per the rules of Indigo Airlines, and in accordance with the provisions of the Carriage by Air Act, 1972, the liability of the carrier is limited in case of loss of check-in baggage. There is no liability for loss of cabin baggage and the liability is only for check-in baggage. The liability for loss of check-in baggage is limited to Rs 350 per kg subject to a maximum of Rs 20000.

Another rider is that this liability arises on condition that the loss was due to negligence or as a result of action or inaction of the airline. If, however, the passenger is found to be negligent, then the liability reduces or does not arise at all.

Liability for International Flights

The liability in case of international flights is to be governed by either Montreal Convention of 1999 or Warsaw Convention of 1929. This liability comes to USD 9.07 per pound or USD 20 per kg for loss of check-in baggage and Rs 350 per kg for damage of checked baggage.

This rule is applicable even for domestic legs of international flights.

Items not permitted to carry on Indigo Airlines?

Indigo is the premier airlines of India, carrying the largest number of passengers. It it said to have more than 35 percent market share, the largest of all. The carrier provides free Indigo baggage allowance for check in and cabin luggage for its passengers on domestic and international sectors. However, it prohibits the carriage of certain items on its flights. These items are basically of nature that are likely to cause harm to the fellow passenger, the airplane or luggage of other passengers.

indigo baggage allowance information


Some items of hazardous or dangerous nature are not allowed in the cabin while some others are not allowed in the check in baggage. Also, some items are not allowed on-board totally. These are mentioned below:

  • Allowed in cabin but not in check-in

Items of precious nature such as jewelry, precious stones, etc are allowed only in cabin baggage. Similarly, important documents shall also be carried in person in the cabin. The airlines does not suggest such important things, which are also not dangerous for others, to be carried in the cabin luggage. Indigo allows only those food items inside cabin which are non-oily and non-smelly in nature.

  • Allowed in check-in but not in cabin

Most of the items which could cause inconvenience or cause harm to passengers or airplane are not allowed in cabin luggage. These items could be as simple as sports and musical instruments, LED TVs, liquor, liquids of more than 100ml volume, kitchenware, knives, etc have to be taken in check-in.

  • Not allowed either in check-in or in cabin luggage

Some of the items such as inflammable gas, pressured containers, corrosion-causing substances, etc which are potential dangers to passengers and airplane are not allowed in board.

IndiGo airlines strictly follows the guidelines issued by IATA and follows its best practices in this respect. It is always better to seek prior information about which all items can be checked in and which all can be carried in cabin only. Feel free to ask your queries to us.

Web check in rules for carrying liquor in Indigo flights?

Liquor is one commodity about whose carriage in flight, the passengers are not sure. They ask many questions? Whether it will be allowed or not? Will it be allowed in cabin luggage or in check-in baggage? Will i be able to carry it if I am doing Indigo web check in ? How much quantity can i take along with me in domestic or international flights of Indigo? How shall i pack it so that there is no issue in the flight?

web check in liquor allownaceWe will provide answers to all these questions here. And, if you have any queries, you can surely ask us here on this platform. Let us first be clear that each adult passenger is allowed to carry up to 5 liters of liquor (be in wine, beer, whisky or other) in the check in baggage. Airline will not charge you any extra sum for its carriage if it is within the permitted check in baggage allowance by weight. Thus, domestic flights are allowed 15 kg free check in allowance per person and it can be carried in the flight.

Liquor can not be carried in the cabin baggage. This is strictly prohibited. Even if you have bought it from the duty-free shop at the airport, you would not be allowed to carry it inside the cabin. Thus, international travelers are advised not to carry it in cabin luggage.

Another important point to note is that this shall be carried in sealed condition in check-in baggage. If the bottle is open, then it will not be allowed to be carried.

People who do Indigo web check in shall first check whether they will be allowed to carry their check-in bags. In other words, they shall first check whether the departure airport has the facility of drop-off counters at the airport for check in baggage or not. If there is no such facility, then web check in is of no meaning. Therefore, customers with liquor in check in baggage shall first ensure that there is a luggage drop-off counter at the airport.