DGCA Asks Indigo To Replace PW Engines

The Civil Aviation regulator in India, the Director General of Civil Aviation, has asked Indigo Airlines to replace the Pratt & Whitney engines within 15 days. The ruling comes because of the existing engines having worked for more than 2900 hours. This ruling will be applicable to A320neo airlines and to 16 of such airplanes. These airplanes have two engines and the DGCA directive says that at least one engine will need to be replaced.

DGCA found that there were three in-flight engine shutdown in the month of October which prompted it to direct the Indigo Airlines to do the needful.

New Flights

Indigo airlines has launched a new flight service from Trichy to Hyderabad and Bengaluru.

  Depart Depart Time Arrive Arrive Time
6E 7116 Hyderabad 9:05 PM Trichy 11:30 PM
6E 7117 Trichy 11:50 PM Hyderabad 2:10 AM
  Bengaluru 5:30 PM Trichy 6:50 PM
  Trichy 7:30 PM Bengaluru 8:50 PM


Indigo also launched a new flight under UDAN Scheme from Hyderabad to Mysuru (Mandakalli Airport) for all days of week using its ATR 72 airplanes. These planes are capable of seating 70 passengers. Price of flight ticket is Rs 2650 per person.