Its no ‘Infant’ Matter on IndiGo Airlines

Airlines have special provisions for taking care of infants, classified as children below 2 years of age. Some airlines would allow them more baggage allowance in cabin and check in, permit car seats, provide bassinets and even have child restraint devices. While talking of IndiGo, here are some provisions related to the infant travel:

  1. Infants are required to be seated on the lap of an adult. There is no permission given to take strollers/prams etc inside the cabin. These are allowed only till the cabin gate and from thereon these are taken into hold. Since these have to be kept in hold, it is very important that these strollers or prams are fully collapsible. These are not a part of check in baggage.
  2. Infants are allowed 1 cabin bag allowance of 7kg on domestic flights and 1 check in bag on international flights.
  3. There is a charge of Rs 1000 for having an infant on the flight. There is no separate ticket for the infant.
  4. Infants  ID is also required at the time of check in. In fact, passengers travelling with infants are not allowed to web check in. They have to arrive at the check in counter of airline at airport. While their Birth Certificate is a valid ID, you can also present a number of other documents. Since Birth certificate might not have been made till then, discharge summary of mother and hospital records can also be shown.
  5. If the infant turns 2 years of age or more while on return journey taken on IndiGo airline, and you know that this will happen during the return journey, you are required to book tickets for return journey for the child as well. This will also make the child eligible for availing same baggage allowances as that of an adult.

If you have more queries relating to provisions for infants on Indigo, please feel free to ask us here…

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  1. I am travelling with my 10 months old in next 2 days with Indigo.I would need to carry milk for my little one as its 6 hrs journery.So let me know how much quantity I can carry with me. As I do not have option to get it from Airlines.

    • Only 100ml of milk will be allowed in cabin. If you want to carry more, it is suggested that you take the milk powder along with you and ask for hot water from the cabin crew. You will not be allowed to take the hot water in cabin as well and, thus, you will have to ask for it from the cabin crew.

  2. We are travelling Bengaluru to Kerela tomorrow (2 adults, 1 child, 1 infant). Can I check the infant car seat into the hold (we are not travelling with a stroller – so this would be our only additional item)? We are going on several long car journeys and I would like my baby to be safe.

  3. I am travelling with my 1year old son we need to carry the stoller with us. Till which point we can use it

    • You will be allowed to carry the fully collapsible stroller till the cabin gate only and from there, it will be put in baggage hold. You can not take it inside cabin.

  4. We are travelling from dubai to kochi next month i want to know that is there bassinet available in indigo flights from dxb and from kochi to delhi plz reply

  5. Hi,I am travelling from raipur to bangalore with my 5 month old baby.I have some you provide boiled water for making formula milk?2.Is there any facility to change diaper?
    3 Do all of your rows have extra oxygen masks? If not, can you seat us in a row that does? 4.Can I do web check in ?

  6. Hi, i am going to be travelling back to dubai from trivandrum after my delivery. What is the minimum age requirement for an infant travelling from a trivandrum to Dubai flight and what is there any baggage allowance for the same?

    • Only 7 kg check in baggage is allowed for infants travelling on international flights. Infant shall be at least 7 days old.

  7. Is it possible to request for a seat of choice at least on telephone for an infant mother closer to relatives or are they fixed only by indigo? As my wife is travelling in the same flight as my in laws tomorroe whose pnr is different n whose seats they have already purchased earlier more leg room? Will it be possible to request for seat behind them

      • When we traveled form Pune to Kochi, we requested for a front row seat since I needed more space with my baby and the ground staff obliged. When we requested the same on our way back, they refused saying it is a policy.
        Why this difference in responses from the same airlines staff?
        What if I want more leg space since carrying a baby in such cramped spaces behind is a hassle, not only for me but for the fellow passengers as well.
        I am travelling again tonight to Lucknow with Indigo. Can I expect favorable assistance?

  8. We are travelling with our one year old daughter from Delhi to Goa next week, can we carry a baby stroller in check in baggage

  9. My son is 1 month old and his birth certificate doesn’t have his name in it. Will it count as a valid document or we have to produce some other document for him.

    • Please do carry it. IT will be a valid ID proof. Other documents that can be carried are either mother discharge slip, hospital ID with photo, Vaccination slip of child.

  10. 1. I am travelling with 2 months old infant from Patna to Delhi. What documents will I have to carry for her as the date of birth certificate is not available.
    2. Can I check in with my family before 2 hours whereas one of the member may come just before 30 minutes of flight as he some important work to do.

  11. Hi we are 6 people travelling with two infants aged 1 year.
    Couple of queries :
    1. For kids are we allowed to carry one cabin baggage each of 7 kgs?
    2. We have two Strollers will they b kept in the hold in luggage?
    3. Are we allowed to carry baby food including milk or apple puree?
    4. Are we allowed to carry their medicine box and we are ok to keep in the hold in luggage as we obviously cant check in the same.

    Will appreciate an urgent revert

    • Yes, you are allowed to carry 1 cabin bag of 7 kg for each infant on domestic flights. These are allowed till cabin gate and from there, these are taken in check in hold. Baby food is allowed but no liquid more than 100 ml shall be carried in cabin. Medicine box can be carried in check in but you will need a doctor prescription for this.

  12. Sir, I will be travelling with my 11 months kid. But I don’t have his birth certificate but certificate from hospital is issued will that be OK for security check.

  13. Hello. We are travelling from Nagpur to Bangalore with our Baby of just 5 days old.
    Will Indigo Airlines permit our baby to travel ?
    We have only Hospital Birth Certificate and Discharge Report from the Hospital – will this be enough to establish my baby’s identity ? URGENT REPLY REQUESTED.

    • Baby shall at least be of 7 days. Please seek information from the airline since you might be required to provide certificate from doctor for carrying infant of less than 7 days.

  14. Hi..I will be traveling with my 5months old baby from Mumbai to Delhi tomorrow. My queries are
    1) will infant have a 7kg check in baggage allowed separate from the adult?
    2) I will be taking the collapsible stroller. Will I get assistance while boarding the bus with stroller?

  15. Hello,
    I am travelling with 6month infant, her original birth certificate is not at the location from where I am travelling, so photocopy of birth certificate or soft copy of the same in mobile can be considered?
    Also I have her bouncer which I need to carry in packed condition with box. So will it be considered in her 7 kgs baggage? Do I need to check in or carry it in cabin?

    • Original identity proofs are insisted by the airline. Airline staff at the airport will have to be convinced of your problem in order to let the infant fly with you. Hospital ID or vaccination chart of the infant can also work.

  16. Hi ….I will be traveling with my 4 month old from Bangalore to Mumbai, I have a car seat – stroller combo (travel system)will it be checked in earlier or can I carry it till the gate……and the base for the car seat will o have to pay extra for it or will all three be considered as a single unit?

    • Since there is no policy to allow infant seating in cabin other than adult’s lap, you will be required to keep car seat and stroller combo in check in. You will be allowed to take it till the cabin gate. It has to be fully collapsible to be able to check in for free.

  17. Hi
    I will be travelling with my 3 month old in November. How can I book a comfortable seat for us, if possible the front row one?


  18. hello… I have booked the four adult flight ticket from delhi to chennai and a 9 months old baby will also be travelling with us but I have not mentioned about the infant in the ticket. What shall I do in order to carry the baby with us as we have not mentioned in the ticket?

  19. Dear Sir/Madam,
    My wife will be travelling with my one year old child.
    Do i need to pay any extra amt for same. if Yes then do i need to have ticket for same?
    As she will be travelling alone , is there any facility for child care in indigo?



    • Birth Certificate is valid id proof. Baby milk powder allowed in flight but not the hot water. You will have to request for hot water from the cabin crew.

  21. Hi,

    We’ll be travelling with our Baby Girl (15 months). As she’s small we’ll need to carry some food and milk for her. What’s the permissible quantity? As birth proof We have her birth certificate will that suffice as her age proof?Secondly can we carry some dry food stuff for ourselves too. We are 4 adults and a infant so we’ll have 7 kg x 5 units as permissible cabin baggage, I guess?

    • 100 ml milk for infant would be allowed. You can take the milk powder and ask for hot water from the cabin crew. Birth certificate would be good enough. Dry food stuff can be taken. You baggage assessment is also correct for the cabin luggage.

  22. I am travelling tomorrow from indore to mumbai with my 2 months old son. While booking ticket i have not mentioned about him. Can the details be included over the counter. I have been trying to reach customer care since long but its not been answered..

  23. I’m travelling with my 1 yr old daughter..I carry following things in her baby bag wherever I go.
    Pls let me know what all things will be allowed in cabin and what all i have to keep in check in.
    1.fresh cloth with quick dry sheet
    2.diapers with baby wipes and cotton
    3. Her medicines which are all syrups.
    4.biscuit and banana and some other dry food
    5.extra pair of clothes
    6.flask with hot water
    7.nipple water bottle
    8.1 or 2 small battery operated toys
    9. Baby powder and baby diaper cream
    Reply urgently.

    • Hi..i am travelling with my 7 months premature baby..who will be 2.5 months old at the time of travelling..can i carry hot formula milk in the nipple bottle for feefing..whether i can select the seat in exit that would be comfortsble. Whether online generated birth certificate print out will be valid proof of baby .without her name

  24. i have to booked one ticked for mother and child , child under infant ,
    now i need to make okay to board , i need to make both of them ( mother and infant ) or mother only .

  25. Hi,

    I will be traveling with my 4 months old baby in December 2016 to Dubai from Delhi.

    I have to check few things with you.

    1) can I carry car seat as free luggage for my baby instead of a stroller.
    2) Is it possible to carry baby’s rocker as a free luggage instead of car seat.
    3) If I disassemble the rocker and keep it in the luggage then can I carry it as checked in luggage? Obviously there are rods etc in the rocker, so is it ok to carry it in disassembled form as checked in baggage ?

    • You can take the stroller/car seat/rocker so long as it can be collapsed and taken to the check in hold of the airline. If infant is to be seated in any of these, then these are allowed only till the cabin gate and from there these would be taken to the check in hold. Would it be convenient for you to carry infant in a rocker till cabin gate and then disassemble the whole thing and pack it for check-in luggage?

  26. I am travelling kokata from hyd on dec 27 can u please suggest which seats are comfortable for me with my y month old husband is going wid me

    • Assistance provided in not in nature of carrying luggage for you. That part has to be done yourself. Infants can be taken in totally collapsible stroller till cabin gate.

  27. I am travelling with my 18 month old this weekend. For the ID proof, do I need to carry the original birth certificate or photocopy is valid

  28. Hi I will be traveling along with my 10 months old baby from Delhi to Pune. Do I need to inform the airline in advance in case I am carrying a stroller?

    • No need to inform in advance. It will be allowed till cabin gate and from there it will be taken to check in hold. Stroller has to be fully collapsible.

  29. Hi,I am travelling with my 2 month baby nd husband on dec 16…can u plz tell me which seat is best to sit with infant and how to select seat as i book my tckt frm yatra .com

    • You can visit the website of indigo for seat selection using their web check in feature. Else, you can call their customer service for seat assignment before the flight. Some of the seats are of paid nature and you might have to incur more expenses if you want to seat on these.

  30. Hello Team,,

    I have one query, As my wife had c section to deliver baby on 21/oct 2016 and she will be flying on 20/Nov/2016 in indigo flight with infant, So is there any requirement of additional document or proof required for both (Mom and Baby) to travel? I already have DOB proof for my Infant.

    Reply will be highly appreciated.
    Kind Regards,

    • Since your wife is flying within one month of the surgery, we do not think this could be any health issue. However, we would still ask you to explain the situation to airline customer service for confirmation.

  31. Hi ,
    We want to travel from Bangalore to Hyderabad with our baby who is 10 days old ,can we travel and still we dint get his identity proof we have discharge summary and baby vaccination report right now .can you please reply soon and how much baggage is allowed for baby .

    • Infant allowed only 1 cabin baggage of 7 kg. Vaccination chart and discharge summary are good enough. Please take the hospital ID alongwith, if possible.

  32. Hi,
    I am not able to select front row seats during booking process. It says with infants front row selection is not allowed. This seat is a premium seat and it helps people carrying their babies with more leg room and space.
    What kind of policy is this? Is indigo catering only for business people and not families. I will never travel with indigo again.

  33. Hi!,I’m travelling from Bombay to Lucknow with one would it be possible if I can check-in my baby’s cabin luggage which is 7kg along with my 15kg check-in luggage?….also will I get any assistance in form of my baby’s taking care during boarding till landing?

  34. I am traveling with my wife and 1 year old son. How much check in luggage and cabin luggage allowed for us? Can I carry total 45 kgs (15 kgs each) as check in luggage and 21 kgs (7 kgs each) as cabin luggage?

    • No, infants are not allowed free check in allowance for domestic flights.Only cabin baggage of 7 kg is allowed for infant.

  35. I am travelling to Kolkata along with my spouse next week having two confirmed tickets. Now I need to take my 5 yrs old son also with me. Can I book a separate child ticket for him ? Please advice. If yes then is it just like normal procedure or anything different ?

  36. hllo, Day after tomorrow i m travelling from coimbatore to delhi with my 5 month old baby. is it required to book separate ticket for my baby. is it chargeable for 5 month baby.

    • There will be a fee, about Rs 1250-Rs 1500. If you are booking online, select the infant as well. Else, you can pay for infant at airport as well.

  37. Hi i m traveling with my 25 days old infant to nagpur .. i have only hospital birth certificate and mother discharge summary as age proof for my baby . my query is i booked infant ticket with her name but hospital birth certificate does not have her name on it. is it fine ???

  38. I’m travelling with an infant.
    1. Can i check in a collapsible jhoola/ baby bed? It fits in a soft guitar bag. If yes, is it free of cost. Is it a part of the 15 kg check in?

    2. Can I carry the car seat instead of a pram?
    Any extra charges for the car seat?

    • Generally, strollers/prams are allowed free for infants if they are traveling in the flight, and these have to be collapsible. These are allowed till cabin gate and, from there, these are put in check in baggage.

  39. I am posting this question on behalf of a friend. She wants to carry breast milk in bottles for her new born baby. However it cannot be checked in, she want at to feed the baby on the flight. As far as I am aware, you can carry upto 100 ml of liquid in a check in bag. Please confirm if she can carry a bottle of milk, let’s say 500 ml. Or if possible, could she carry multiple 100 ml bottles.

  40. Sir,
    I am working in INDIAN AIR FORCE. Am travelling from lucknow to chennai tommrow with two infants.i have date of birth certificate of my infants duly singned by air force authorities as per service records.will that be ok for chek-in.

    • That shall be okay since it has been issued by the government department. Alternatively, you shall also take mother discharge slip, hospital ID or vaccination report of the baby along with.

  41. Hi,

    I will be travelling with my 6 months old child from Trivandrum to Hyderabad .My query is will hot water flask and formula milk be allowed on flight .Will Traditional food named Ragi flour prepared with sweet ( Kuvarake kurukkiyadu)also be allowed on board. Reply is highly appreciated.

    • Empty flask can be taken and water will be provided inside cabin. Food is allowed if it is not oily or too smelly which can either cause mess or inconvenience to fellow passengers.

  42. I will be travelling with my 2+ month old baby. Can u tell me if we can carry/ keep the car seat/ rocker/ baby carrier as cabin luggage. I understand that the baby should be on the parents lap and this will not be used in the flight for the kid but just to carry it in the cabin luggage.

  43. I forgot to click on infant option while booking my flight ticket. Flight is on 31st March 2017, can I do it now? If yes, then how i can add infant of age 9 months in that? If no then what solution i have?

    • You can add infant either by calling the airline customer service or it can even be done at the time of check in at airport. Since you have time, we suggest you speak to airline well in time.

  44. Hello admin.
    I have connecting flight from dehradun to Delhi to Dubai. Am I allowed to carry cow milk for my baby. The travelling takes almost entire day so 100 ml would be less. Can I take more quantity then?

  45. Hi
    I will be travelling with my 5 month old in march

    1 How can I book a comfortable seat for us, if possible the front row one?
    2 – Do the airline have seperate space for feeding.

    • You can select seat of choice during web check in or by calling the airline customer service representative. Airline does not have separate space for feeding.

  46. Hi, We are traveling on Indigo flight with a 5 month old baby. He is only taking formula milk. The threads mention only 100ml of liquid prepacked milk is allowed and the rest needs to be milk powder and that they dont allow hot water and it has to be taken from the flight. The question is what to do until we board the flight? Our flight is at 5.30 in the morning and none of the restaurants are open for hot water that early. He also needs more than 100ml of milk, roughly about 180ml for one feed, so that isnt enough too. Can the hot water be carried atleast until the aircraft?

  47. Hi i would be travelling to dubai with my 3month old… will i be provided ith a bassinet for my baby?i will be travelling on the 29th april by indigo airlines.

  48. I am travelling with my one year baby. Which seat is suitable for seating with infant in flight 6E 673.
    Shall I seat in exit row seat with my infant?

  49. I am travelling wid my 6 month old daughter n she is on formula milk so can I carry flask of hot water as it is 3 hours journey from Mumbai to Guwahati in indigo fligh

  50. Hi,
    I would be traveling one with my 1 year old infant. Can I get assistance in carrying the hand luggage? Are there any extra charges applicable for the same?


  51. We are travelling from Hyderabad to Visakhapatnam in Indigo flight along with infant aged about 3 months. Can we book Steam Sterilizer and Compressor Nebulizer in the check in luggage or we have to take as cabbin luggage.

    • If you need it during flight, it can be taken in cabin as well. Need to inform the airline well in advance.

      • I need to travel in July with frozen breastmilk which needs to stay frozen for the entire journey…can I pack it in a cooler & put it in the check-in baggage? Are there any specifications related to that?

        • Yes, it can be done. No special specifications needed. You must be able to establish that it is frozen breastmilk

  52. Hi, I am travelling with my one month old infant who is breast fed. I need to carry atleast 300-400 ml of breast milk for him. Is that allowed?

  53. Sir,
    I am planning to travel to Madurai with my family including my 9 months old baby. Booked ticket via makemytrip. Should I pay for my baby’s​flight ticket.

  54. 1. Can we carry fruits, mashed potato etc., for infant food
    2. Can we carry some battery operated small toys
    3. Do you have extra oxygen maskmfor infantvp in lap ?
    4. How can we pre-book seats if you won’t allow web check-in

    • 1. allowed
      2. Not in Cabin, allowed in check in. If battery is lithium ion, it needs to be carried in cabin under suitable packing.
      3. Not an issue, speak to airline.
      4. You can call the customer care. Else, it will be done at the time of check in at the airport.

  55. Hi, I’m travelling next month to Delhi, my baby is 8 months. I wanted to know of I can carry powder milk tin and water for her in the bottle. And is a baby carrier allowed that can be strapped onto the mother?

    • Powder milk is fine. But, water will not be allowed. Hot water will be provided inside cabin. Baby carrier can be taken

  56. Can I carry pumped breast milk exceeding 100ml on domestic flights from Kochi to Delhi and Delhi to Chandigarh? How much can I carry?

  57. My 5 month old baby drinks only mothers milk, how much expressed milk can I carry on the flight? Can I carry two bottles 100ml each of mothers milk and 3-4 100ml frozen mothers milk packets in check-in?

    • Liquid milk more than 100 ml will not be allowed. Milk powder can be taken and hot water can be provided in cabin by the crew.

  58. Hi ,

    I have twin baby 21 month old but till certificate not issue . My baby born in my home . which certificate needed to produce . I will journey in 18th Oct 2017 .

  59. Hello, i am going to travel on 18 October 2017, with my baby girl which is born on 25 September 2017, infant just 20 days after born. Plz give me a guidelines and safety procedure for both mother and baby

  60. I shall be travelling from New Delhi to Mumbai by Indigo flight on 24 Oct 2017.
    I shall be travelling with my infant daughter and we shall be carrying a foldable stroller.

    I understand that the infant can go in the stroller upto the aircraft gate. At the gate the stroller can be folded and handed over to the airlines staff for putting it in the hold. At the destination the stoller shall be handed over back to me at the aircraft door so that the infant could be put in that.

    Kindly confirm that my understanding is correct.

    Subhash Kumar

  61. Hi, I will be traveling next week from Hyderabad to Lko with my 9 months old baby. Since I will be alone I want to carry her stroller. Can I take it with me in check in luggage? If yes then will there be any assistance provided in taking the stroller while boarding bus from gate to flight?

    • yes, stroller has to be fully collapsible. You can take the baby in stroller till cabin gate and from there it will be put in hold by airline staff. On arrival, the same would be given back to you.

  62. Hi I’m travelling fro Singapore to Madurai this week with my infant . I need some clarifications
    1 . Will Passport be accepted as valid Id ?
    2 . How many kgs can carry as Infants baggage allowance for hand carry and check in ?

  63. Hi I am traveling from Raipur to Patna which flies via kolkata making it a 4-5 hr flight. I have a 6 months old infant who is on expressed breast milk only no formula. I will need beyond 100ml of feed for atleast 2 feeds.
    If milk is not allowed can I carry a electric breast pump to express and feed the baby in cabin luggage. Is that permissible

  64. Hello,

    I am travelling with my wife and kid who is 18 months old, as i know with infant web check-in is not possible, is that right? if yes, can i get a seat next to my wife itself as she alone might not be able to take care of our kid.

    • Yes, if you are travelling with infant, you need to check in at airport. For getting the seat next to your wife, you shall speak to the airline staff at airport.

  65. Hi …..I will b travelling with my 2 months old baby this June….had a query— wether I will b allowed to carry formula milk with me??? Nd is hot water flask will b allowed??? If no ,will I get warm water in flight to make formula milk

  66. Hi i will be travelling with my 6 months old daughter from delhi to goa on an indigo flight.
    I want to carry milk powder and hot water in a bottle with me. Can i carry it on the plane?
    Also let me know that baby bassinets are available on indigo planes or not?

  67. I would be traveling with a 10 months old infant from USA and having connecting flight at chennai to coimbatore. My international flight allows 23 kg for infant check in luggage. Is there a check in luggage allowed for Infant for international connecting flights? Already myself have 2*23kg check in as part of international checked in baggage. I’m aware i can avail 30kg for Rs.1500 as additional baggage. How about infant check in baggage allowance? I’m not able to buy additional baggage for infant.

  68. Hi, I am travelling with my 3 month old baby next week from mumbai to delhi. Since he is exclusively breastfed, I need to carry expressed breast milk. I will be carrying around 2.5 liters of expressed breast milk since I need ti travel further after reaching Delhi and my baby would require it. Will that be okay ?
    Are there any specific requirements on packing of milk? I will be carrying it in 250 ml transparent bottles.

    • Infant feed for consumption during flight is allowed in cabin. However, you can not liquids of more than 100ml in bottles. Therefore it shall be 100ml bottles.

  69. Will be travelling with a big but semi foldable stroller with my wife and baby on 23th sept. Morning .

    I want to check in stroller with luggage as it weighted around 8kg max .
    Is it possible to do luggage check in in-criteria of stroller

  70. I am a Spanish citezen flying with infant, Delhi to colombo, I have infants Spanish passport with birth date. Is this acceptable?? I don’t travel with her birth certificate. Thanks

    • That shall be acceptable. Birth certificates are only for domestic flights. For international flights, passport is the valid ID.

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