Indigo Airport Check In

IndiGo Domestic Flights

Opening Time: 2 hours before departure of flight.

Closing Time: 45 minutes before departure of flight

Boarding gates close 25 minutes before flight departure.

Travel Documents needed:

  • Print-out of travel itinerary and a valid photo ID proof
  • Credit/Debit card, or its photocopy thereof, used for ticket booking

Valid Photo ID proofs:

  • Valid Passport,
  • Valid DL,
  • Voter Card,
  • PAN Card,
  • Photo Identity Card issued by government or reputed private sector organizations,
  • School identification cards or any other photo ID proof for children,
  • Valid birth certificates of Infant(s)

IndiGo International Flights

Opening Time: 4 hours before departure of flight.

Closing Time: 75 minutes before departure of flight

Boarding gates close 45 minutes before flight departure.

Valid Photo ID proof is only Passport for all flights originating or terminating outside India (for all passengers including infants and children). Valid Visa docs shall also be shown, if needed.

However, for citizens of India, if the travel is to/from Nepal, then valid photo ID proofs, besides passport, can also be a Voted ID card, Birth Certificate or School ID for children or Birth Certificate of Infants.

Airline might also ask passengers to show the Debit or Credit card used to make the payment. Hence, either these or their photocopies shall be carried at the airport.

For foreign nationals travelling to Imphal, there is a need to carry a Protected Area Permit which is issued by Home Department of Manipur after approval of Ministry of Home, Government of India. If this is not carried, IndiGo can deny boarding and forfeit the entire amount.

Indigo Tickets

Indigo is market leader in terms of passenger traffic carried in India. Based on the LCC business model, it seeks to provide cheapest air tickets to its passengers. In doing it, it takes all necessary measures that ensure operational and fuel efficiency, low acquisition and maintenance costs of airplanes and customer-focused service delivery. Here are some of the main tenets of its business model which seeks to provide cheap domestic and international tickets:

  • Point-to-point connectivity
  • No-frills services, devoid of any entertainment provision or free meals
  • Only Economy class of service
  • Only short-haul flights (of maximum 4 hour duration)
  • Technology intervention which ensures safety of passengers, crew and airplanes and helps in cost reduction
  • Bulk purchase of single type of aircraft to reduce acquisition and maintenance costs
  • Optimal seating to enable seating for maximum number of passengers without causing them discomfort
  • Lowest turnaround times to ensure that airplanes remain airborne for maximum possible time.

This operational model has made it a success story in Indian civil aviation space, which has hitherto been marred with declines of airline companies.

Where to Book Indigo Air Ticket?

IndiGo tickets can be booked at your nearest contact office of Indigo where you would be required to make a visit. However, you can also use telephonic means to book the tickets. If you want to use the online medium, tickets can be booked on its:

Indigo Ticket Cancellation policy

IndiGo charges fees for cancellation of tickets. The rates w.e.f. 1 April, 2015 (per pax per segment) are:

Domestic Flights

30 days or more before scheduled flight: 1250

2-30 days: Rs 1500

48 hrs- 7 days: Rs 2000

2-48 hrs: Rs 2250

0-2 hrs: No Show charges

International Flights

7 days or more: Rs 2000

4 hours to 7 days: Rs 2500

0-4 hrs: No Show charges

Practical Tips for getting Cheap Tickets on IndiGo Flights

  • It is good to have flexible travel plan for choosing those days and times when airfares are lowest. You can expect these to be low during the lean season of the year and even at the off-peak hours during the day.
  • Avail of discounts and offers to make travel cheaper.
  • Set up fare alert notifications for alerting you whenever fare reaches a particular threshold. This service is available on OTAs.
  • Try using mobile application for booking tickets. There might be exclusive discounts on offer on mobile apps for this purpose.
  • Check out promotional discounts. Participate in social media contests where airfares could be offered cheaper to winners.
  • Try out meta-searches to know Indigo fares on offer on different platforms for your travel.

Please share your views and more information on Indigo Tickets with us.

Indigo PNR Status

Indigo Airlines or any ticketing agency which books airline tickets issues a Passenger Name Record (PNR) number which acts as a single point of reference to know the details of flight. This number shall be quoted in all communications with the airline company or the agency.
Here is what a PNR number would show:
1. Names of passengers who have to travel and classifying them as Adults, Children or Infants.
2. Email Id and Phone number used for ticket booking
3. Whether agency has been used to book tickets
4. Total value of tickets
5. Whether it is one-way, round or multi-city trip
6. Airlines operating different legs of journey
7. Fare and cabin class of service booked
8. Dates and Times of flights
9. Departure, Layover and Arrival airports
10. Total value of the ticket inclusive of all taxes, add-on services and other details

Based on your PNR number, you can:
1. Change or Modify itinerary
2. Add services, such as baggage and meals
3. Web or mobile check in
4. Seek refunds in case of ticket cancellations
5. Select or change seats

Indigo PNR Status can be used to change booking details or itinerary at by providing Email ID and Booking Reference ID under ‘View/Change Booking’ Tab in main navigation.
Similarly, it can also be used for checking in through website of Indigo by providing Email ID and Booking Reference ID under ‘Check-In’ tab.

Difference between PNR and E-ticket Number
E-ticket number is not same as the PNR number. While a PNR could be issued by an airline as well as by a travel agency, an e-ticket number is issued only by an airline. When you book an airline ticket with an agency but contact the airline for some query, you will be asked to provide the e-ticket number and not the PNR number. This is so because the latter provides record of passengers in database of agency which has booked the ticket whereas the e-ticket number shows the ticket which has been issued by airline.

Indigo Flight Schedule

Indigo Flight Schedule
Do you want to know which all cities are connected by indigo flights? Find below the routes which are flown by indigo. Click on the route you are looking for and you will find the indigo flight schedule (time table) for that route. This facility is to help you plan your travel conveniently and book flights while knowing the days and times of flight.

Origin – Destination
Agartala-Bengaluru Agartala-Chennai Agartala-Coimbatore
Agartala-Delhi Agartala-Guwahati Agartala-Hyderabad
Agartala-Imphal Agartala-Kochi Agartala-Kolkata
Agartala-Pune Agartala-Visakhapatnam Ahmedabad-Bengaluru
Ahmedabad-Bhubaneswar Ahmedabad-Chennai Ahmedabad-Coimbatore
Ahmedabad-Delhi Ahmedabad-Goa Ahmedabad-Guwahati
Ahmedabad-Hyderabad Ahmedabad-Jaipur Ahmedabad-Kochi
Ahmedabad-Kolkata Ahmedabad-Lucknow Ahmedabad-Mumbai
Ahmedabad-Nagpur Ahmedabad-Pune Ahmedabad-Thiruvananthapuram
Ahmedabad-Visakhapatnam Amritsar-Bengaluru Amritsar-Delhi
Amritsar-Jammu Amritsar-Mumbai Amritsar-Srinagar
Bagdogra-Amritsar Bagdogra-Bengaluru Bagdogra-Chennai
Bagdogra-Delhi Bagdogra-Guwahati Bagdogra-Kolkata
Bagdogra-Mumbai Bangkok-Kolkata Bengaluru-Agartala
Bengaluru-Ahmedabad Bengaluru-Amritsar Bengaluru-Bagdogra
Bengaluru-Bengaluru Bengaluru-Bhubaneswar Bengaluru-Chandigarh
Bengaluru-Chennai Bengaluru-Dehradun Bengaluru-Delhi
Bengaluru-Dubai Bengaluru-Goa Bengaluru-Guwahati
Bengaluru-Hyderabad Bengaluru-Imphal Bengaluru-Indore
Bengaluru-Jaipur Bengaluru-Jammu Bengaluru-Kochi
Bengaluru-Kolkata Bengaluru-Lucknow Bengaluru-Mangalore
Bengaluru-Mumbai Bengaluru-Nagpur Bengaluru-Patna
Bengaluru-Pune Bengaluru-Raipur Bengaluru-Rajahmundry
Bengaluru-Ranchi Bengaluru-Singapore Bengaluru-Srinagar
Bengaluru-Thiruvananthapuram Bengaluru-Tirupati Bengaluru-Varanasi
Bengaluru-Visakhapatnam Bhubaneswar-Bengaluru Bhubaneswar-Chennai
Bhubaneswar-Coimbatore Bhubaneswar-Delhi Bhubaneswar-Hyderabad
Bhubaneswar-Kolkata Bhubaneswar-Lucknow Bhubaneswar-Mumbai
Bhubaneswar-Visakhapatnam Chandigarh-Bengaluru Chandigarh-Chennai
Chandigarh-Delhi Chandigarh-Dubai Chandigarh-Hyderabad
Chandigarh-Kochi Chandigarh-Mumbai Chandigarh-Thiruvananthapuram
Chennai-Agartala Chennai-Ahmedabad Chennai-Bagdogra
Chennai-Bengaluru Chennai-Bhubaneswar Chennai-Chandigarh
Chennai-Coimbatore Chennai-Delhi Chennai-Doha
Chennai-Dubai Chennai-Goa Chennai-Guwahati
Chennai-Hyderabad Chennai-Indore Chennai-Jaipur
Chennai-Kochi Chennai-Kolkata Chennai-Lucknow
Chennai-Madurai Chennai-Mangalore Chennai-Mumbai
Chennai-Muscat Chennai-Patna Chennai-Port Blair
Chennai-Pune Chennai-Raipur Chennai-Rajahmundry
Chennai-Ranchi Chennai-Singapore Chennai-Thiruvananthapuram
Chennai-Varanasi Chennai-Visakhapatnam Coimbatore-Agartala
Coimbatore-Ahmedabad Coimbatore-Amritsar Coimbatore-Bhubaneswar
Coimbatore-Chennai Coimbatore-Delhi Coimbatore-Hyderabad
Coimbatore-Jaipur Coimbatore-Kolkata Coimbatore-Mumbai
Coimbatore-Visakhapatnam Dehradun-Bengaluru Dehradun-Delhi
Dehradun-Hyderabad Dehradun-Kochi Dehradun-Mumbai
Delhi-Agartala Delhi-Ahmedabad Delhi-Amritsar
Delhi-Bagdogra Delhi-Bengaluru Delhi-Bhubaneswar
Delhi-Chandigarh Delhi-Chennai Delhi-Coimbatore
Delhi-Dehradun Delhi-Delhi Delhi-Dibrugarh
Delhi-Dimapur Delhi-Doha Delhi-Dubai
Delhi-Goa Delhi-Guwahati Delhi-Hyderabad
Delhi-Imphal Delhi-Indore Delhi-Jaipur
Delhi-Jammu Delhi-Kathmandu Delhi-Kochi
Delhi-Kolkata Delhi-Kozhikode Delhi-Lucknow
Delhi-Madurai Delhi-Mangalore Delhi-Mumbai
Delhi-Nagpur Delhi-Patna Delhi-Port Blair
Delhi-Pune Delhi-Raipur Delhi-Ranchi
Delhi-Srinagar Delhi-Thiruvananthapuram Delhi-Udaipur
Delhi-Vadodara Delhi-Varanasi Delhi-Visakhapatnam
Dibrugarh-Delhi Dibrugarh-Guwahati Dibrugarh-Kolkata
Dimapur-Delhi Dimapur-Kolkata Doha-Chennai
Doha-Delhi Doha-Kozhikode Doha-Mumbai
Dubai-Bengaluru Dubai-Chandigarh Dubai-Chennai
Dubai-Delhi Dubai-Hyderabad Dubai-Kochi
Dubai-Kozhikode Dubai-Mumbai Dubai-Thiruvananthapuram
Goa-Ahmedabad Goa-Amritsar Goa-Bengaluru
Goa-Chennai Goa-Coimbatore Goa-Delhi
Goa-Guwahati Goa-Hyderabad Goa-Indore
Goa-Kolkata Goa-Lucknow Goa-Madurai
Goa-Mumbai Goa-Patna Goa-Raipur
Goa-Srinagar Goa-Varanasi Guwahati-Agartala
Guwahati-Ahmedabad Guwahati-Bagdogra Guwahati-Bengaluru
Guwahati-Chennai Guwahati-Delhi Guwahati-Goa
Guwahati-Hyderabad Guwahati-Imphal Guwahati-Jaipur
Guwahati-Kochi Guwahati-Kolkata Guwahati-Lucknow
Guwahati-Mumbai Hyderabad-Ahmedabad Hyderabad-Bengaluru
Hyderabad-Bhubaneswar Hyderabad-Chandigarh Hyderabad-Chennai
Hyderabad-Coimbatore Hyderabad-Delhi Hyderabad-Dubai
Hyderabad-Goa Hyderabad-Guwahati Hyderabad-Imphal
Hyderabad-Indore Hyderabad-Jaipur Hyderabad-Kochi
Hyderabad-Kolkata Hyderabad-Lucknow Hyderabad-Madurai
Hyderabad-Mangalore Hyderabad-Mumbai Hyderabad-Nagpur
Hyderabad-Patna Hyderabad-Port Blair Hyderabad-Pune
Hyderabad-Raipur Hyderabad-Rajahmundry Hyderabad-Thiruvananthapuram
Hyderabad-Tirupati Hyderabad-Udaipur Hyderabad-Varanasi
Hyderabad-Visakhapatnam Imphal-Agartala Imphal-Ahmedabad
Imphal-Bengaluru Imphal-Delhi Imphal-Goa
Imphal-Guwahati Imphal-Hyderabad Imphal-Kolkata
Imphal-Mangalore Indore-Bengaluru Indore-Bhubaneswar
Indore-Chennai Indore-Delhi Indore-Goa
Indore-Hyderabad Indore-Kochi Indore-Kolkata
Indore-Mumbai Indore-Nagpur Indore-Patna
Indore-Pune Indore-Raipur Indore-Ranchi
Jaipur-Ahmedabad Jaipur-Bengaluru Jaipur-Chennai
Jaipur-Coimbatore Jaipur-Delhi Jaipur-Guwahati
Jaipur-Hyderabad Jaipur-Kochi Jaipur-Kolkata
Jaipur-Mumbai Jaipur-Pune Jaipur-Srinagar
Jammu-Amritsar Jammu-Bengaluru Jammu-Delhi
Jammu-Kolkata Jammu-Mumbai Jammu-Srinagar
Kathmandu-Delhi Kochi-Ahmedabad Kochi-Bengaluru
Kochi-Chandigarh Kochi-Chennai Kochi-Delhi
Kochi-Dubai Kochi-Hyderabad Kochi-Jaipur
Kochi-Kolkata Kochi-Mumbai Kochi-Muscat
Kochi-Pune Kochi-Raipur Kochi-Thiruvananthapuram
Kolkata-Agartala Kolkata-Ahmedabad Kolkata-Bagdogra
Kolkata-Bangkok Kolkata-Bengaluru Kolkata-Bhubaneswar
Kolkata-Chennai Kolkata-Coimbatore Kolkata-Delhi
Kolkata-Dibrugarh Kolkata-Dimapur Kolkata-Goa
Kolkata-Guwahati Kolkata-Hyderabad Kolkata-Imphal
Kolkata-Indore Kolkata-Jaipur Kolkata-Jammu
Kolkata-Kochi Kolkata-Kolkata Kolkata-Lucknow
Kolkata-Mangalore Kolkata-Mumbai Kolkata-Nagpur
Kolkata-Patna Kolkata-Port Blair Kolkata-Pune
Kolkata-Raipur Kolkata-Ranchi Kolkata-Srinagar
Kolkata-Thiruvananthapuram Kolkata-Varanasi Kolkata-Visakhapatnam
Kozhikode-Delhi Kozhikode-Doha Kozhikode-Dubai
Kozhikode-Mumbai Kozhikode-Muscat Kozhikode-Sharjah
Lucknow-Ahmedabad Lucknow-Bengaluru Lucknow-Chennai
Lucknow-Delhi Lucknow-Goa Lucknow-Guwahati
Lucknow-Hyderabad Lucknow-Indore Lucknow-Kolkata
Lucknow-Mumbai Lucknow-Patna Lucknow-Pune
Lucknow-Thiruvananthapuram Lucknow-Vadodara Madurai-Bhubaneswar
Madurai-Chennai Madurai-Delhi Mangalore-Bengaluru
Mangalore-Chennai Mangalore-Hyderabad Mangalore-Mumbai
Mangalore-Patna Mangalore-Varanasi Mumbai-Ahmedabad
Mumbai-Amritsar Mumbai-Bagdogra Mumbai-Bengaluru
Mumbai-Bhubaneswar Mumbai-Chandigarh Mumbai-Chennai
Mumbai-Coimbatore Mumbai-Dehradun Mumbai-Delhi
Mumbai-Doha Mumbai-Dubai Mumbai-Goa
Mumbai-Guwahati Mumbai-Hyderabad Mumbai-Indore
Mumbai-Jaipur Mumbai-Jammu Mumbai-Kochi
Mumbai-Kolkata Mumbai-Kozhikode Mumbai-Lucknow
Mumbai-Mangalore Mumbai-Muscat Mumbai-Nagpur
Mumbai-Patna Mumbai-Raipur Mumbai-Ranchi
Mumbai-Srinagar Mumbai-Thiruvananthapuram Mumbai-Udaipur
Mumbai-Vadodara Mumbai-Varanasi Mumbai-Visakhapatnam
Muscat-Chennai Muscat-Kochi Muscat-Kozhikode
Muscat-Mumbai Nagpur-Ahmedabad Nagpur-Bengaluru
Nagpur-Delhi Nagpur-Goa Nagpur-Hyderabad
Nagpur-Indore Nagpur-Kolkata Nagpur-Mumbai
Nagpur-Pune Nagpur-Ranchi Patna-Bengaluru
Patna-Delhi Patna-Goa Patna-Indore
Patna-Kolkata Patna-Lucknow Patna-Mangalore
Patna-Mumbai Patna-Raipur Patna-Ranchi
Port Blair-Chennai Port Blair-Delhi Port Blair-Hyderabad
Port Blair-Kolkata Port Blair-Varanasi Pune-Ahmedabad
Pune-Bengaluru Pune-Chennai Pune-Delhi
Pune-Hyderabad Pune-Indore Pune-Jaipur
Pune-Kochi Pune-Kolkata Pune-Lucknow
Pune-Nagpur Pune-Srinagar Raipur-Bengaluru
Raipur-Bhubaneswar Raipur-Delhi Raipur-Goa
Raipur-Hyderabad Raipur-Indore Raipur-Kochi
Raipur-Kolkata Raipur-Mumbai Raipur-Patna
Rajahmundry-Bengaluru Rajahmundry-Chennai Rajahmundry-Hyderabad
Ranchi-Bagdogra Ranchi-Bengaluru Ranchi-Chennai
Ranchi-Delhi Ranchi-Indore Ranchi-Kolkata
Ranchi-Mumbai Ranchi-Nagpur Ranchi-Patna
Sharjah-Kozhikode Sharjah-Thiruvananthapuram Singapore-Bengaluru
Singapore-Chennai Srinagar-Amritsar Srinagar-Bengaluru
Srinagar-Delhi Srinagar-Guwahati Srinagar-Jammu
Srinagar-Kolkata Srinagar-Mumbai Thiruvananthapuram-Ahmedabad
Thiruvananthapuram-Bengaluru Thiruvananthapuram-Chennai Thiruvananthapuram-Delhi
Thiruvananthapuram-Dubai Thiruvananthapuram-Hyderabad Thiruvananthapuram-Imphal
Thiruvananthapuram-Kochi Thiruvananthapuram-Kolkata Thiruvananthapuram-Mumbai
Thiruvananthapuram-Sharjah Tirupati-Bengaluru Tirupati-Hyderabad
Udaipur-Delhi Udaipur-Hyderabad Udaipur-Mumbai
Vadodara-Bhubaneswar Vadodara-Delhi Vadodara-Kochi
Vadodara-Mangalore Vadodara-Mumbai Varanasi-Bengaluru
Varanasi-Delhi Varanasi-Goa Varanasi-Hyderabad
Varanasi-Kolkata Varanasi-Mumbai Visakhapatnam-Agartala
Visakhapatnam-Ahmedabad Visakhapatnam-Bengaluru Visakhapatnam-Bhubaneswar
Visakhapatnam-Chennai Visakhapatnam-Coimbatore Visakhapatnam-Delhi
Visakhapatnam-Hyderabad Visakhapatnam-Kolkata Visakhapatnam-Mumbai

Indigo Flights To North-Eastern States

Indigo operates flights to North-Eastern states of India providing the much needed connectivity for the people of this region with rest of the country. It reaches Bagdogra, Guwahati, Agartala, Imphal, Dimapur and Dibrugarh.

Flights to Bagdogra are operated from Delhi, Guwahati and Kolkata. Kolkata, in turn, is connected with flights from Bengaluru and Chennai. Guwahati is connected with Mumbai.

Flights to Guwahati are operated from Delhi, Imphal, Agartala, Bengaluru, Kolkata and Mumbai. Agartala is connected with Kolkata, which in turn, is connected with Jaipur, Mumbai and Chennai. Mumbai is, in turn, connected with Ahmedabad and Goa. Begaluru is connected, in turn, with Hyderabad.

Flights to Dibrugarh are flown from Guwahati and Kolkata. Guwahati is connected to Delhi and Kolkata with Delhi and Ahmedabad.
Dimapur flights are from Delhi and Kolkata. Kolkata is connected with Delhi by flights.

Imphal is connected by Agartala, Kolkata and Guwahati. There are further connection between Guwahati and Delhi, and Agaratala and Kolkata.

Indigo flights to Agartala are from Kolkata, Guwahati and Imphal. Guwahati is connected to Bengaluru and from thereon with Hyderabad. Kolkata is with Delhi. Imphal is also connected to Kolkata and through it to Delhi.

IndiGo International Flights

International destinations where IndiGo flies to are Bangkok, Dubai, Muscat and Singapore.

Indigo Bangkok flights are operated from Kolkata. Its flights to Singapore are from Chennai. Muscat is reached by flights from Mumbai. Dubai flights of Indigo are operated from 8 different cities of India, making it the most frequented foreign destination. These cities are Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, Kozhikode, Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram. Flights to Kathmandu are operated from New Delhi.

Indigo Flights to other Domestic Cities

For more information on domestic flights routes of IndiGo within India, please refer to the Indigo flight schedule page.

Indigo Web Check In

Check-in is the process by the end of which the air travellers are able to get the boarding passes for their flights. IndiGo Airlines, India’s premier airline by market share, provides check-in facility through its airport counters as well as using its website or mobile application. All information relating to Indigo Web Check in is mentioned here for use by passengers. Real screenshots from Indigo website guide passengers on how to perform this online check in.

Step-by-step guide to Indigo Web check in process

If you are booking Indigo tickets from its website, you will be automatically checked in. Here is the process:

  1. Visit and select the flight tickets you want, say for Chennai to Bangalore.

IndiGo airlines online check in

2. Provide passenger details, such as Title, Name, Street Address, Town/City, Country, State, Zip, Phone no, Alternate Phone No, Emergency Contact No, Emergency Relationship and Email Address.

3. Choose any additional service that you want. IndiGo provides options of IndiMeals, IndiBags, Lounge, IndiCakes, Fast Forward, Travel Insurance, Travel Extras, Good Karma and Seat Plus.

Indigo Excess Baggage, Meals, Priority Check-in

IndiBags services can be chosen for buying pre-paid excess baggage slabs of 5, 10, 15 and 30 kgs.

Fast Forward can be used for priority check in purposes.

  1. Next step is to select the seats of your choice. A graphic of an airplane seating plan will appear on screen. It will showcase which seats are premium, window or aisle seats, occupied, near the exit gate and others. You can choose the ‘right tick’ button to select seat which is unoccupied.

Seat Selection Indigo Flights

  1. After completion of this process, the will be notified to review the booking. This step also allows you to make changes to seat selection or add services once again before you finally confirm the check in.
  2. Thereafter, you will be taken to the payments page and will be asked to pay using different modes of payment.

If you have already booked the flight tickets and want to web check in, then,

  1. You will have to click the ‘Check In’ Tab in main navigation of home page of
  1. Provide

either    Booking Reference (PNR No) + Email ID,

or,         Booking Reference (PNR No) + First Name, Last Name, Origin and Destination.

IndiGo Web Check In

Thereafter, there are simple steps which enable you to check in using the website of the airline.

Opening and Closing time of Indigo Online Check in process

Web check in opens 48 hours before and remains open till 2 hours prior to scheduled departure of flight.

In case, you have done the online check in but want to cancel the tickets, then this can be done online prior to 2 hours of scheduled time of flights. Else, you will have to call IndiGo call centre for the same.

In what cases Web Check in facility is not available?

  • International flights
  • Connecting flights
  • Infants on-board
  • Wheelchair bound passengers
  • Passengers with medical issues, such as pregnant women
  • Unaccompanied minors
  • More than 9 passengers travelling on same PNR

Passengers with only Cabin baggage

If you are not carrying any check in baggage and have checked-in online, then you can head off straight to security area skipping the airline airport check in with your printed boarding pass, valid ID proof and other required docs.

Passengers with Check in baggage

Domestic web check in facility is available for all Indigo domestic flights. But, if passengers want to carry check in baggage, they will have to arrive at drop-off counters which are currently present in select cities only. In other cities, the web checked in passengers with check-in baggage will have to be in regular queue. The cities in which the facility of drop-off counters is available are Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Kochi, Ahmadabad, and Pune.

For tagging your bags, the bag tags would be issued at this designated drop-off counter.

Please note that travelers having checked in using online medium are required to have printed boarding passes. If they are not in possession of printed boarding pass, they will have to use the regular check in counter queue of the airport to get the same.

Video on Indigo Web Check In Process After Booking Tickets

Feel free to ask your queries on Indigo web check in.